Applied Colour Psychology for Interior Design

For interior designers who would like to learn about the principles of colour psychology as applied to interior design.

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Following on from the preliminary course The Ultimate Guide to Colour for Designers, this is the interior designer and decorator’s guide to understanding how colour impacts interior design. It will show you how you can use colour more effectively; whether your clients simply want to feel more at home and comfortable, to encourage and inspire specific activities, or to support employees and create an effective business environment. Using a variety of practical and interactive exercises you will learn the therapeutic uses of colour for private and commercial interior spaces, how to identify the ‘colour personality’ of a commercial, institutional, or public interior and translate that into interior environments with more positive impact. How you will benefit: • Gain powerful insights into your client’s personality enabling you to get to the core of their needs and new ways to involve them in their design • Design more effectively – speed up the process from brief to design implementation • Acquire in-depth knowledge that increases professional confidence when creating and presenting design and colour palettes • Improve your communication with a clear methodology and rationale that will allow you to deliver more persuasive proposals and secure more projects *Please note, it will be necessary to have completed The Ultimate Guide to Colour for Designers preliminary course before joining. There will be a combination of short lectures, visual illustration, interactive discussion, and active participation, by the end of which you will have some practical reference tools and guidance for creating interior colour schemes confidently. Additional notes are included as part of your course. What we’ll cover: • The 4 colour personality design styles • Designing schemes using the colour wheel • How different designers use colour • How to use colour positively to influence mood and behaviour • Applied colour psychology for commercial interior design
There will be some recommended activities for you to complete between classes (approximately 0.5 – 1.0 hrs)
I’ve been working in the interior decorating and design world for more than 20 years providing consultancy for interior design projects, as well as colour advice to design and marketing agencies. In addition to working for many lovely clients (I love the fact I was once described as ‘the colour ninja’!), I’m proud to be the brand spokesperson and colour consultant for Painthouse and have been a guest on UKTV Style’s ‘Real Rooms’ and also BBC Radio. I’m a keen advocate for developing colour education and have delivered many colour and design courses and workshops for colour theory, applied colour psychology and trend forecasting to web, graphic and interior designers, home improvement companies, homeowners, and design students of the prestigious KLC Design School, London.

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June 9th - June 23rd (3 Scheduled Classes)

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  • June 16th 19:00 - 20:00 (Europe/London Time)
  • June 23rd 19:00 - 20:00 (Europe/London Time)
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July 21st - August 4th (3 Scheduled Classes)

  • July 21st 19:00 - 20:00 (Europe/London Time)
  • July 28th 19:00 - 20:00 (Europe/London Time)
  • August 4th 19:00 - 20:00 (Europe/London Time)
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Bernay Laity

Interior Colour and Design Consultant, Applied Colour Psychology and Colour for Design Educator
4 teacher reviews total

About Me

Hello! I’ve been working in the interior decorating and design world for more than twenty years providing colour advice and educating individuals and businesses on the use of colour in design and the psychology of colour.

I began as a freelance interior decorator and paint effects specialist, when inspired by my clients’ colour choices, I decided to learn more in-depth about the subject of colour. I studied with foremost colour psychologist Angela Wright of, before founding my own consultancy in 2006 to advise on the use of colour in design, creating interior colour specifications for private and corporate clients and colour ranges for paint companies.

As well as working for many lovely clients (I love the fact I was once described as ‘the colour ninja’!), including as brand spokesperson and consultant for Painthouse, I’m a keen advocate for developing colour education. I’ve delivered specialised courses and workshops on the effects of colour in design for professional designers and agencies, home improvement companies, homeowners and design students, in addition to educating on colour theory, colour psychology and trend forecasting for KLC Design School, London.

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