Dance for Fitness in Thirty Minutes

This course will give you the confidence to move and dance your way to fitness

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This 30-minute class incorporates dance-based moves and groves for fitness and above all fun. Flow/Format. The class consists of the following: 1. A fun warm-up 2. Some basic steps from a variety of dances style will be incorporated in this section where we groove to dance-based moves having fun whilst toning up the entire body. 3. Round off with a little bit of freestyle where you get to feel free going over the moves we have learnt and doing your thing - a bit of freestyle. 4. Followed by a short cool down and stretch. We will have more time to go more in-depth with the dance steps in the 60-minute sessions of mine found here on the Learned.Live website. Also in the 60-minute sessions, it incorporates a full tone up of legs bum and tum with specific workout exercises. After doing the 30-minute taster class you may either carry on booking onto more regular 30 mins sessions or book onto doing one of the longer sessions of 40- 60 minutes. The choice is yours. Here's to your discovering the joy of dance daily or weekly however you wish. Dancing Fitness really is for everyone! This is also aimed at groups of people who want to book a remote social event so they can gather together safely with their friends and/or colleagues. Those skills are a great way to bring people together, having your friends to bounce ideas off.
There is no previous experience or knowledge of any dancing skills before you start this course. You will be able to go and impress your family and friends and start your further journey into dancing. One of the keys to dancing is to practice, practice, practice your tricks will only get smoother. And for sure don´t forget the fun part of it!
I am trained by both the International dance teachers association and The British Ballet Organisation. I am also a graduate of accredited Acting and Musical Theatre School Guildford School of Acting. (GSA) I have taught both children and adults dance in both social and more formal institutional settings ranging from Stagecoach theatre school to Ceroc UK and Fun United dance holiday weekenders. These roles have ranged from taking novices through basic steps, building confidence as a dance assistant and coach to encouraging newcomers to take to the floor in my role as a “taxi dancer” where the position was to “pull up” and help people feel moved to venture onto the dance floor.

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Suzanne Hunter

Discover the joy of dance by joining me with the dance mobile
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I love to see people light up when they discover they can move, express themselves, find their own unique style and have fun in the process. “Dance first think later” is what playwright Samuel (Waiting for Godot) Beckett was quoted as saying which is a philosophy I totally agree with. Don’t worry, or over analyze, simply watch, follow, listen to the rhythm, relax into it have fun. Believe me the feet will follow. People tell me I make dance look for effortless and easy and that is how it will feel for you. Those who have taken classes with me say they feel my energy is infectious and it has allowed them to let go of any worries or inhibiting feelings they may have about stepping into the spotlight or expressing their own signature moves. By stepping aboard Suzanne’s Dance mobile I can help you gain greater mobility, simply get moving or go full throttle. You can arrive at your destination in your own time, at your own pace as a better dancer, feeling more freedom in your movement or just simply feeling better in yourself with some health busting moves. I can offer you a journey where you’ll discover or rediscover the joy of dance. free flowing, fun, rhythmic and great for fitness too. Taking simple steps my aim is to make it easy to follow and most importantly have fun! I will help you link up these moves into a short flowing routine.
I can help create conducive environment with my energy and enthusiasm for you to learn a fun fitness routine that can feature in your life and help you feelgood every week or every day. Helping you dance from your heart and soul as well as your sole! So whether you want to dance like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rodgers and relive those dance hall days, get down like James Brown or shake your booty like Beyonce I can coach you and coax you onto the dance floor helping you feel free of any inhibitions , and dance like no one’s watching.

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