Private Coaching for Body-Conditioning or Ballet

This class is for you if you require a specifically designed class on a 1-to-1 basis, either in a Body-Conditioning format, or a Ballet Class.

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1 class per week, for 1 week

Single Class Course

90 minutes

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1-1 students

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If you have specific needs and would prefer to work on your own, at your own pace, then this is for you. I will tailor the class specifically according to your needs, and give your helpful and comprehensive feedback. The Body-Conditioning class could be used to aid you in improving a specific aspect in an intensive fashion, such as a stronger core, or greater flexibility, or stronger ankles. A private Ballet class could be used to improve a specific aspect of your technique, such as Pirouettes, or to help you with a Variation which you need to perform.
I danced professionally before embarking on a long and successful teaching career that has spanned over 25 years in 3 different countries. I have a Master's in Dance Teaching and am fully registered with the Royal Academy of Dance. I have taught all abilities, but have specialised in Vocational training, with great success - one recent student is now at Royal Ballet Upper School. I have an eye for detail and never tire of trying to find the most effective way to improve each student's technique, in a friendly and understanding manner. I have multiple qualifications to teach dance and exercise, including the FISAF Aerobic and Step-training Certificate, as well as over 25 years of experience teaching to all abilities including complete beginners, senior citizens, and professional dancers. I am also very keen on keeping fit and healthy myself, and constantly research new ideas and methods of keeping fit and healthy. Staying safe and injury-free is a high priority for me, so I will always ensure my students are working to their full potential within safe guidelines, as far as is possible.

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Katy Tsangaris

Low impact, highly effective instructor
10 teacher reviews total

About Me

I have been teaching dance, ballet and exercise classes for over 25 years in gyms, dance schools and in private homes. I would now like to embrace online zoom classes to broaden my scope. I love the challenges and beauty that classical ballet offers, both to the dancer and the teacher, and am passionate about how to keep fit and healthy, and this means that I am continually researching. As a dancer at heart, my style of teaching enhances the joy of dance and movement, with inspiration from beautiful music. I am empathetic and non-judgemental, but am always trying to help each individual reach their full potential, either as an experienced dancer, someone who would like to learn ballet basics, or someone who would like a low-impact effective conditioning class to define, tone and stretch into a leaner, stronger, happier person.

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March 29th, 9:51am

This was a most enjoyable class with a highly skilled, intuitive and encouraging teacher. Katy scaffolded the class to ensure a suitable level of challenge throughout, physically and for the brain; she was very happy to adjust her teaching to my learning style whilst creating exercises to beautiful music that were fun.
Undoubtedly a superb teacher, I thoroughly recommend taking classes with her; I will certainly continue to do so!

January 12th, 9:18pm
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