FREE: Balloon Modelling Intro - the Basics

Starting with the basic principles and learning at least 2 basic balloon models by the end of the session

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We will start with how to blow up, tie and twist a balloon. And then progress to doing basic balloon models. Ideally, you will have some 250Q balloons with you and a pump, but since this is just a taster session you can just watch and learn and then decide if you want to do a longer course. The basics of balloon modelling are pretty simple, but it takes a lot of practice to get it just right and make the balloon model look as realistic as possible. To start with we will do the most basic balloon model of a dog. But then move on to do a 2 balloon model: the FLOWER. By the end, you will have learnt the basics of balloon modelling and how to pinch and twist to make simple folds and connections. This course is open to anyone but generally, it needs working hands to do all the pinching and twisting so probably not suitable for anyone with mobility or dexterity issues with their hands.
No progress tracking. Its just for fun!
I was a professional entertainer for 10 years doing many many balloon modelling gigs.... sometimes on stilts at the same time. Stilts not required for this course! I started of with the basics but quickly moved on to more technical balloons. I have been to several balloon modelling conventions as one of the main organisers of the first ever British Balloon Modelling convention. My favourite balloon model is a 4 balloon monkey that is about 2 feet tall.
If you are allergic to rubber or latex then this is not for you. But you are welcome to watch!

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Dr. Peter King

Philosopher, Juggler, Balloon Modeller, Charity Manager
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About Me

A man of many talents I have had an unusual career path and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love teaching intro philosophy seminars and have collected my favourite two here with loads of really fun and thought-provoking thought experiments. My setting up a Charity and Fundraising course will go over the basics of how to get started with creating and running a charity. And finally, you can learn some really fun basic balloon models on my balloon modelling course. You can also book the Balloon Modelling activity and 3 ball juggling as a Team Building Session. So please check out my FREE 30mins intro courses, or book onto my longer paid course and get in touch if you have any questions.

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March 5th, 8:50am
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