Juggling for Beginners

This course will teach the fundamentals of ball manipulation, giving you everything you need to learn to juggle.

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In this course, I will teach the basics of juggling for complete beginners. These are fun and active lessons suitable for all fitness levels - we will learn by doing, starting with one ball and working our way up!

Juggling is fantastic for both physical and mental fitness, it can be a great social skill to share with others (passing is SO much fun!) and there are some awesome artistic tricks you will learn to show off your new skills! Juggling is different for everyone, to some, it is a competitive sport, to others an expressive art form. Some juggle alone, others juggle together in clubs and parks all over the world. It can be a fantastic moving meditation and it can warm up your cognitive skills to get the brain ready for action. Juggling really is for everyone! This is also aimed at groups of people who want to book a remote social event so they can gather together safely with their friends and/or colleagues. Those skills are a great way to bring people together, having your friends to bounce ideas off.

We will be starting at the beginning with no previous experience required - all you will need is 3 juggling balls and a cup! The lessons will be paced to suit everyone, sometimes splitting tricks so everyone is working on their next trick - no one gets left behind! The aim is to feel confident with where you are in your juggling journey and to arm you with everything you need to progress quickly to the next stage be it 2 balls or 7!

There is no previous experience or knowledge of any juggling skills before you start this course. You will be able to go and impress your family and friends and start your further journey into juggling, or just have a few good party tricks. One of the keys to juggling is to practice, practice, practice your tricks will only get smoother.

I have been teaching juggling for over 25 years! I have used my experience as the director of my own circus company to develop a fun, fail-safe method of teaching the basics from the very beginning which is enjoyable for all!

A fiery circus performer, magician and street entertainer with a wealth of experience, Fiery Jack captivates his audiences with his charismatic personality and larger than life alter ego, adding colour, giggles, charm and a dash of tongue-in-cheek eccentricity wherever he goes!

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Fiery Jack

I Teach with a Friendly and Fun Approach
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About Me

I have been teaching throughout my career and have spent some time specialising in breaking down complex skills and patterns for anyone to learn, whether it be balancing, learning to juggle or playing historic games! I love sharing my passions and infuse every lesson with a sense of fun, building skills up from the basics and going at your pace.

Approx 20 years ago was the start of my career as a circus workshop leader and entertainer. I have since built a full-time business to be able to provide complete educational and sometimes historical family areas under the Fiery Jack umbrella.

I started out as a professional chef with a view to owning my own business when I was sidetracked by the Circus and made a conscious decision in my mid-20's to follow my dreams and make it my career choice. I have been on many courses for performance and movement. I have also attended courses on teaching SEND. And still, 20 years later I regularly workshop ideas with other instructors, keeping me in the loop of any changes within the Circus and Juggling Community. I regularly attend conventions and have played a part in organising, performing in and creating European Juggling Conventions.

I teach all ground-based circus skills like club balancing, juggling, staff spinning and poi - and... I am also a specialist in ancient historic games such as hnefetafl (Viking chess) and 9 men's morris!

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