Wine Appreciation

A fun and informative introduction to the world of wine

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Many people would like to know more about wine. But the subject is daunting. This course is for people who know little but would like to know lots. It teaches people how to appreciate wine from a range of perspectives: taste / culture / history / fun / joie de vivre
Stephen Quinn has written about wine since 2010 and has visited many of the world's wine regions. He is a committee member of the Circle of Wine Writers and a board director of Fijev, the French-based international federation of wine journalists. He makes videos about wine and runs the FijevWineChannel on YouTube. He has written for DecanterChina, Meininger's Wine Business magazine (Germany), Wine+ magazine (Hong Kong), the drinks business magazine (UK), and Sommelier India. His wine column appeared in five daily newspapers in Asia for a decade until 2019. More about him here:

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Stephen Quinn

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About Me

The mobile phone is an amazing device for boosting human creativity. I love teaching people how to use their mobile to make broadcast-quality videos, along the way unleashing their creativity and having fun.

I have worked as a journalist and journalism teacher for almost five decades in nine countries. I make videos and teach people how to make videos with only a smartphone. I also write screenplays for feature movies and short films.

In addition, I would call myself a wine expert. I have written about wine since 2010 and have visited many of the world's wine regions. I´m a board director of Fijev, the French-based international federation of wine journalists, and do make videos about wine and I run the FijevWineChannel on YouTube. So lets say I´m pretty passionate about this topic and would love to introduce you, too.

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