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Learn the fundamentals of healthy singing through a varied repertoire in a supportive environment

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Learn the foundations of healthy singing in one-to-one lessons. Students will discover how to use their bodies to create music by learning how to breathe and create resonance space. They will also discover their own artistic identity through different styles of repertoire. All levels of experience are welcome. Some musicianship and music literacy may be incorporated for beginners. Students can enjoy their newfound skillset for themselves at home, in community theatre and choirs, or even pursue professional work. The course can be repeated indefinitely to continue progress. Sign up now to discover your unique voice!
I hold a Master of Music in historical performance vocal literature, as well as a Teaching Artist Certificate, both issued by the Longy School of Music of Bard College. I have studied with renowned teachers, such as Aaron Sheehan, Anne Azema, and Flavio Ferri-Benedetti, and have performed across the US and Germany. I am competent in teaching all styles of music and will help students learn how to apply their technique to each individual piece we learn.

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Joshua Garvey

A Peripatetic Pedagogue
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I studied music from a young age, first on the piano, and then in choirs in high school. My decision to pursue music as a career path is rooted in the community that I found in music. As an international performer, I have the opportunity to engage with musicians and audience members from different cultures and contribute to a global camaraderie. As a teacher of singing, I seek opportunities to include my students in that community, to learn from their experiences and to give them a new perspective through the music that I teach. Teaching online allows for me to keep a studio as I travel for performances, meaning that my students have the unique experience of studying with someone who is in the process of auditioning and performing. It also broadens my reach in meeting new students from different backgrounds and walks of life. I am excited to welcome you into my studio, and for us to share our unique perspectives with each other through our lessons together.

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