Introduction to various Accounting Terms

Various Accounting Terms used in Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement i.e Financial Statements would be taught.

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o This course will help you understand various accounting terminologies like Debtors, Creditors, etc. o It would be more of an Instructor style class wherein different accounting terms and basics of accounting will be introduced to students. o People who are from Non-Finance backgrounds can read Financials Statements and would be able to interpret different terms used in it. o It makes understanding of accounts easier for students as well as working professionals from Non-Finance Backgrounds. o It will give you an insight into Accounts and will help in understanding various accounting and financial terms. One does not need any particular knowledge for attending this course. It is user-friendly and for beginners. Students can carry a notebook and pen. The course is highly recommended for people from Non-Finance backgrounds especially for an IT background wherein they need to develop apps based upon Financial Understanding.
No questions to be prepared for it. There will not be any homework for students. Students are not required to complete any task or do any work outside the class. Also, they need not have any particular knowledge for a specific subject to attend the course. Only requested to carry book and pen for note-taking.
Being a Financial Consultant for more than 8 years, I believe I have sufficient knowledge to explain the concept to students. I have a total of 8 plus years of experience in this field. I have my level 2 cleared of Chartered Accountancy from India. Also have been successfully conducting these workshops as well seminars on personal finance for various educational companies.

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Payal Motla

Self Employed Finance Professional & Financial Trainer
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Hi, This is Payal here. I have been in the field of Finance for almost 8 plus years. So would like to conduct workshops and seminars on the same. Also, I would like to explore some self-help topics to be covered by me which I personally have experienced in my journey of life. I have been an explorer at heart trying to continuously improve myself by working upon myself for becoming a better version of myself. We all know that life itself is the greatest teacher we have and when one learns from the mistakes as well happenings of life, it just adds value to the other person. I normally have a discussion style of teaching so even students point of view is heard and exchange of knowledge takes place. I generally make my classes more relatable to daily life experiences as well as something which is beyond just bookish knowledge which actually helps in better learning outcomes. Apart from Financial Training, I also like to engage myself in reading books, Intermittent Fasting, and health practices that help one to improve himself/ herself.

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