Balloon Modelling - Remote Team Building

This is a short introduction to balloon modelling where your team will learn 3 basic balloon models in teams.

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A short course designed to provide offices working remotely to have an opportunity to gather online and do something fun. Balloon modelling is especially good at this because it provides a platform for comedy judging of each other deformed balloon modelling attempts. I will take you through the basic techniques of balloon modelling before splitting people into teams to try and do their own version. We will reconvene to compare the chosen champion of each team and what they have created. We will do this for 3 different basic balloon models and have a lot of fun in the process. 1) Basic balloon twisting techniques 2) The Dog 3) A flower 4) Letters - team spelling challenge The format of the course is that I will demonstrate each part and then split the group into different teams for each challenge, allowing different team members to bond with different people they work with. We will then have a discussion about each challenge culminating in some gentle teasing about everyone's balloon modelling attempts. You will need to book this at least 2 weeks in advance to give everyone the opportunity to order a balloon pump and some balloon modelling balloons. Alternatively, I can organise this and send a starter pack to all participants, for an additional fee. No experience necessary. Open to everyone except those with a latex/rubber allergy (they can still take part as part of the judging panel).
You will need to book this with enough time to buy the raw materials and distribute them to your team. This will mean they need a balloon pump and a bag of balloons each. Please contact me for more details of exactly what is needed and where to get it from. Please note this is not suitable for someone who is afraid of loud noises (balloons popping) or allergic to rubber, however they can still join in as a member of the judging panel for comedy effect.
I was a professional freelance circus arts performer for 10 years and ran my own entertainment agency. I have worked all over the UK and taken many team-building workshops with this format and with circus skills workshops. See my other listing where I do a 3 ball team building workshop. I have been to many balloon modelling conventions across Europe and was the co-founder of the first-ever British Balloon Modelling convention in 2007.

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Peachi Pete

Balloon Modeller & Juggler - Team Building Expert
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About Me

I was a professional freelance circus entertainer for 10 years and have lots of different skills in this area. But balloon modelling and juggling were always my favourites.

BALLOON MODELLING - You can learn some really fun basic balloon models on my balloon modelling course.

We will start with how to blow up, tie and twist a balloon. And then progress to doing basic balloon models.

The basics of balloon modelling are pretty simple, but it takes a lot of practice to get it just right and make the balloon model look as realistic as possible. To start with we will do the most basic balloon model of a dog. But then move on to do a 2 balloon model: the FLOWER.

By the end, you will have learnt the basics of balloon modelling and how to pinch and twist to make simple folds and connections. This course is open to anyone but generally, it needs working hands to do all the pinching and twisting so probably not suitable for anyone with mobility or dexterity issues with their hands.

3 BALL JUGGLING - working up from some fun one ball tricks and games then onto the theory of juggling using only two balls and then trying 3 balls but with managed expectations.

TEAM BUILDING - You can also book the Balloon Modelling activity and 3 balls juggling as a Team Building Session. So please check out my FREE 30mins intro courses, or book onto my longer paid course and get in touch if you have any questions.

6 Student reviews

Booking my team to this actual event was seamless and so easy. The logistics beforehand was uncomplicated and all the ordered equipment was delivered in time.
I have recommended Pete and Learned.Live to other managers, who I am sure will be contacting you to book. Thank you!

November 24th, 1:23pm

I have nothing to compare to yet, but this class is so much fun! We had such a great time last week, spending time with my team trying to twist those balloons!

November 23rd, 2:14pm

Pete was fab! So entertaining and a really fun attraction. Would have never thought that I learn some balloon modeling skills with my colleagues. Highly recommend this class to everyone working together!

November 22nd, 11:05am

Our Team participated in this fun class last Friday and I totally loved it! Our company ordered the needed equipment so that we are ready when the class was due. Always thought that balloon modelling is very difficult. But now, knowing the right technique is a fun thing to do. My kids love my new skill, too!

November 22nd, 9:35am

I enrolled in one of Peter´s classes already in May this year and I totally loved it. When I saw the he offers some fun skills for Team Building purpose I was totally excited and told my emlployer about this fact. I am happy that he agreed to participate and create a fun experience for the team. Everyone loved it and is so excited to learn more about balloon modelling.

November 18th, 2:41pm
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