Being Happy With Your Role and Career

This course will help you to make a positive and life defining (job) change.

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The current COVID pandemic has motivated people to assess their lives and to evaluate what does, and what doesn’t make them truly happy. For some, top of their list of potential change in their careers. This reflection and focus may have been forced upon individuals with the level of job losses that many organisations are now facing, or it can just be a recognition that during this period of uncertainty, my job just does not fulfil anymore. The reality is that people take roles because parents or teachers push students on a career path which just does not fit their personality or preferred behaviours, and some adults accept roles for security reasons alone and then spend the rest of their working days hating every minute of it. So, if you recognise yourself as one of those people, but are not sure what direction or role to take, then this course is for you. Prior to, and during this 2-hour programme you will: • Complete a questionnaire based on neuroscience which will clearly show your preferred workplace behaviours and cultural fit. This will not be shared, but you will use it throughout the session as a reference tool. • Understand what is meant by a good ‘job fit’ • Review of your profile report, and how it can be used as a future development tool for you • Identify the types of roles that fit your overall profile • Recognise and understand how your personality will fit into a team • Understand what is motivation, and where you are currently with your levels of motivation? • What potentially will motivate you • Your personal values and beliefs and why you need to consider these • Why your cultural alignment to an organisation is important • How to identify and approach an organisation and role which aligns with your thinking • Selling yourself
Because of his work as a main board director and consultant, Philip has worked across many different roles and working environments. One of the key challenges he recognises in organisations is the number of people who obviously are not happy doing what they are doing, this means that they will never be motivated to go above and beyond and tend to do just enough to keep their jobs. This does not benefit the individual or the businesses that they work for, everybody loses! A demotivated employee who is not driven by their work may carry that into their personal lives, whereby a sense of dissatisfaction prevails and can affect their relationships. One of Philip's key strategic tools when working in organisations as a consultant is to profile employees and identify the type of roles where they will really flourish, and then where possible make the changes and retrain where applicable. It is this 'real life' knowledge that he brings to this programme.

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Philip Peters

Bringing Business Skills to Life
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About Me

I currently run a freelance global business consultancy and people development practice, after a successful career in the corporate arena whilst operating across many business sectors as the mainboard director in sales, operations and project management. I currently run two successful online platforms, one which is in India and the other across all Russian speaking countries.

My fields of expertise and those which will be my focus on the Learned Live platform, fall into three development areas, firstly, working with 18 to 24-year-olds who are about to leave education and take on their new roles, as this is a specific requirement which managers in 2020 are highlighting as key. This will include such skills as team-working, working with managers, conflict in the workplace, presentation skills and innovation, to name a few.

Secondly, I will be working with existing managers and teams in developing leadership, influencing skills, cross-functional team working, sales and negotiation skills and coaching.

Finally, strategic planning in three areas; for start-ups who have great ideas but are not sure how to implement them, for SME’s who have grown to a certain size and now need fresh direction, and finally, existing corporates who are dealing with challenging times and need to adjust their strategy, culture and ways of thinking.

My style of teaching has been described as fast-paced but easy to follow, dynamic, using real-life scenarios and memorable (the critical bit). I look forward to working with the clients on the Learned.Live platform and sharing my knowledge and expertise.

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