Bookkeeping For Freelancers 101

After this course you have the basics bookkeeping, accounting and taxation processes you need to get started

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Whether you decided to hit the ground running when starting your own business or are just interested in what you would need to know when started your own business, the steps you need to take aren’t as scary as you might think.
Keeping track of your finances and bookkeeping is important when you’re filing your taxes. I will provide you with some useful tips and tricks to help you organize your finances by tracking outstanding invoices, managing your cash flow, invoicing clients and ensuring you have accurate financial records.

This course provides you with a basic overview and knowledge to get started with. You will learn:

  • Top finance tips for starting a new business
  • Producing sales invoices and keeping track of expenses (what expenses should I be claiming)
  • Preparation of financial statements (balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement)
  • What software you should be using
  • Filing Taxes

This is a basic course. A more in-depth knowledge course I can provide on-demand. Get in touch!

You don´t need any pre-knowledge. As a sole trader or freelancer remember, that managing your business finances is just part of your job. Ignoring it can result in nasty surprises. Not to mention that not knowing how much you’re earning or spending can make it impossible to know if you’re making the most of your time.

Since graduating with a business degree over 12 years ago I have been helping businesses grow, by sorting their finances and providing great advice. In 2014 I became a Chartered Certified Accountant and have worked in various sized accountancy firms, from traditional top 20, to up and coming online accountants.

This resulted in 2015 being recognised in Accountancy Age's 35 under 35 and a year later in 2016 awarded the New Practitioner of Year, at the British Accountancy Awards.

I specialise in helping fast-growing businesses get a grip with their accounting, tax and financial processes. It can be a minefield, with an endless count of buzzwords and acronyms.

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Chris Barnard

Tax, Cloud Accounting and Business Advisor
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About Me

Hello there! My name is Chris.

I help drive efficiencies and business performance through the latest software, and face to face proactive support. Here are a few areas I can help you and your business:

- Help digitise business records in one central location. These are instantly accessible and you'll see a raft of benefits.

- Deliver and explain business insights on how your business is performing against targets / previous performance

- Create business forecasts to help manage cash flow issues or help get funding from a range of stakeholders.

- Provide expert tax planning to companies and individuals to ensure you never receive an unexpected bill from HMRC.

- Access to industry changes and developments before they are live

Client review:
Chris provides great assistance in the day to day activities of the business, he is proactive and constantly trying to find areas of improvement or situations that may be overlooked but the business owners. He is knowledgeable and gives us a great peace of mind.

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