Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

This course will teach you inclusive leadership & how to create a company culture of appreciation of difference.

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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are imperative in a world where we constantly interact with people who are different to ourselves. These differences can be subtle and slight, however, we need to be aware of them and develop clear signature traits of inclusive leadership. This can be achieved by attending this course, which will contribute to strengthening self-awareness, developing your communication & interpersonal skills while improving your ability to help others feel a strong sense of belonging.

Course content includes traditional and timely topics; from listening, feedback, collaboration, privilege, implicit bias, micro-aggressions, and micro-affirmations. This content will be delivered using traditional teaching methods, presentation, and discussion. Leaners will have the opportunity to contribute to discussion and share experience.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to

  • understand why it is important to celebrate diversity
  • recognise unconscious & implicit bias, microaggressions & micro-affirmations.
  • be able to develop ways of including co-workers in a culture of difference
  • know how you can contribute to diversity in the workplace

This course is suitable for those with little or no knowledge of inclusion and/or diversity issues.
This course is also designed to be delivered to a group of people working together.

  • Are there any questions to prepare? There are no questions to prepare, however, learners will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and can prepare questions if they so wish.
  • Will there be any homework? There will be some reading material given at the end of each week and feedback requested.
  • Will the Student be required to put in any time for study outside the classroom? No study is required outside of the classroom
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusion can be sensitive topic for some individuals who may have experienced workplace discrimination previously, learners should be careful and sensitive to the needs of others.

I have lead diversity studies and equality & diversity training to various companies, including English Pen and The Priory. As a lecturer in Health and Social Care, equality and diversity was a compulsory unit that my students were supported to achieve. I have loads of personal experience of how to navigate society as a black woman with a hidden disability and a member of the LGBTQI community. I currently write my material and develop inclusive resources for courses I deliver and have delivered over the past few years. I bring a relaxed sense of fun, accuracy, global research and sensitivity to this topic and its themes.

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Paris Bartholomew

Learning should be fun & engaging
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About Me

Students describe me as passionate, fun, engaging & inspirational. I use my life experience, skills, teaching qualifications & a positive attitude to introduce you to concepts which will enhance your life, increase your knowledge & most importantly, teach you something about yourself.

My courses, Intro. to psychology, mental health first aid, intro. to dementia, safeguarding, epilepsy, train the trainer, equality & diversity will leave you captivated & inspired. I've had the pleasure of working with substance misuse, addiction, the homeless & other vulnerable people, including those in prison and at risk, both as a speaker & trainer. I have a real passion for supporting learners who may not want to learn due to their negative experiences of education. As a motivational speaker I bring life into my lessons, a chance to look at learning in an innovative way.

I've spent 12 years looking at my life in the form of self- development, this journey took me to places where I had to really look deep, reflect & grow in order to survive, that's where my passion comes from.

I am a Samaritans listening volunteer, I'm a published book at The Human Library and an internal Verifier for Pearsons Edexcel. I love tai chi Qi Gong, reading & dancing. I currently run a training and motivational speaking company called Qui Solutions. Please feel free to check me out at www.survivegrowinspire.com.

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