Guide to Freelancing

This course package provides you with all the tools and knowhow for your successful freelance career

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The idea of freelancing and being your own boss with your own schedule and earnings is certainly enticing. However, for many people making the leap from full employment to working for yourself can be daunting.

This four-part course, which includes five class sessions will answer many of your burning questions on ‘how to become a freelancer’. This comprehensive freelancing guide covers everything from winning new business, managing projects, day to day finance and how to stay positive under pressure.

• How to build powerful portfolios and how to pitch clients? - see more here
• How to manage projects effectively? - see more here
• How to manage payments, finances and your taxes? - see more here
• How to really value your work and gain confidence in your skills? - see more here

Each course can also be booked separately however when booked together under the ‘Guide to Freelancing’ course students will benefit from a 18% discount. The first class of this course is scheduled, subsequent classes to follow each week.

What are you waiting for? Book now and find out how to become a good freelancer.

There is no formal assessment for this class, however you will be introduced to many of the key aspects of business which will help you learn how to become a freelancer and enjoy the benefits of managing your own schedule, clients and earnings.

Students will be awarded a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.

Note: If you miss one class within this package, no refund will be granted.

Each teacher is an expert in their field and has been carefully selected by Learned.Live to create the best possible course package to help students to start a new career and learn how to become a freelancer. To find out more take a look at their Learned.Live profiles:

Mara Simmons
Arini Vlotman
Philip Peters
Chris Barnard

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13 teacher reviews total

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13 Student reviews

If you are serious about freelancing then this is a good place to start. You get the basics covered off but it is not so long and detailed that you need to set aside masses of time attending the course. The clases are spread over a few weeks and are fairly short and intensive.
I took the course for sales and project management but I found the How to Increase Your Personal Value class interesting and will do more on this as family members have seen a difference in my attitude. I work in beauty therapy so being positive is important.
The price is reasonable and as a people person, I preferred having a live teacher, not videos.
I would recommend this class to freelancers.

November 12th, 7:23am

Good value. The subjects covered are useful and a good place to start.

November 11th, 12:55pm

I was shocked on how good the course was! I have had some other online courses before with different providers, but this one was outstanding. It was all done live in a very user-friendly way and the instructors were easy to understand. I was able to take notes and learn. Overall I was very impressed and would 100% recommend this course and Learned.Live for any training course you need.

November 11th, 11:24am

Highly recommend.

November 11th, 7:32am

I am not new to freelance work but wanted to make it more profitable. Found ‘How to build powerful portfolios and how to pitch clients’ with Mara Simmons helpful for this and also learned loads from the Project Manage section with Peter Philip’s.

November 10th, 1:41pm
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