How to Negotiate Par Excellence

This two-hour course will give you the fundamental skills required to negotiate around anything!

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This course is designed for all levels, highlighting the key aspects of negotiations, so suitable for those new to negotiations through to experienced negotiators who want to learn some new tips and skills. It is primarily lecture driven but with the opportunity to utilise the questions, notes facilities as we go through the course. My approach to negotiation is that there is never a true Win-Win outcome, as that would indicate that both parties have got exactly what they want. The reality is that 'Win-Win' is an impossible end scenario, why? Because one party is always aiming low the other high, a simple example; the buyer wants to buy at the cheapest price and the seller wants to sell at the highest price! Negotiation is about finding the middle ground and achieving a 'Win-Perceived-Win' scenario, where both parties walk away thinking I've done okay! It is life, and we must learn to negotiate through it effectively! Oh, and remember it can also be fun! This course takes you through the most important rules of negotiation: • Recognise that everything is negotiable. • The six stages of negotiations • Why it is important to develop a mental/physical prep planner (where possible, as negotiations can happen at any time) • Every item you trade has a different value, benefit, and/or cost to one person as it does to another. • Understanding the mindsets of the person(s) you are negotiating with, what potentially drives their decision making? • There are many more things (concessions) to trade with than just money. • Why money is the LAST thing you should trade. • Understanding why the language of negotiation/trading is critical (keywords to use during discussions) • How to manage your emotions during negotiations (it is a game, not a threat)
Philip has been negotiating all his working career, as a sales director for multinationals and dealing with global procurement teams and business leaders. As a business consultant and trainer Philip has taught individuals and teams the skills of negotiation, as well as leading/coaching selling teams in live negotiations. Philip breaks down the key elements of negotiations into an easy to understand format and gives his students memorable examples of each element, to use as 'triggers' to remember the rules. Most importantly he makes it FUN!

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Philip Peters

Bringing Business Skills to Life
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About Me

I currently run a freelance global business consultancy and people development practice, after a successful career in the corporate arena whilst operating across many business sectors as the mainboard director in sales, operations and project management. I currently run two successful online platforms, one which is in India and the other across all Russian speaking countries.

My fields of expertise and those which will be my focus on the Learned Live platform, fall into three development areas, firstly, working with 18 to 24-year-olds who are about to leave education and take on their new roles, as this is a specific requirement which managers in 2020 are highlighting as key. This will include such skills as team-working, working with managers, conflict in the workplace, presentation skills and innovation, to name a few.

Secondly, I will be working with existing managers and teams in developing leadership, influencing skills, cross-functional team working, sales and negotiation skills and coaching.

Finally, strategic planning in three areas; for start-ups who have great ideas but are not sure how to implement them, for SME’s who have grown to a certain size and now need fresh direction, and finally, existing corporates who are dealing with challenging times and need to adjust their strategy, culture and ways of thinking.

My style of teaching has been described as fast-paced but easy to follow, dynamic, using real-life scenarios and memorable (the critical bit). I look forward to working with the clients on the Learned.Live platform and sharing my knowledge and expertise.

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