Impress with Your Public Relations / Communication Skills

Learn more about general networking, planning and communication/presentation skills

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The course is made up of 10 lessons or modules - and 5 Topics, therefore each Topic is allocated 2 lessons of 40 minutes per lesson 1 & 2 will focus on communication skills, both written and oral/spoken 3 & 4 will focus on Presentation skills and the different formats for presenting a talk 5 & 6 will focus on Event planning - the seven-step plan, including a budget, SWOT analysis, pre/interim/post planning 7 & 8 will focus on the Art of networking - establishing and then maintaining a network of contacts, locally and globally 9 & 10 will focus on Mentorship - being mentored and being a Mentee: A two-way process
We will engage, regularly to ascertain if everyone is happy with the progress and course content.
I have had my own Public Relations and Events company for almost 33 years and have worked with major companies, as my retainer Clients and with several well-known personalities, both local and global! I am an experienced Public Relations Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. Skilled in Corporate PR, Event Management, Media Relations, Public Relations, Networking and Mentoring. Strong media and communication professional graduated from Nelson Mandela University

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Michelle Brown

Hello... I would love to share my experience in the fields of PR and Communication, with you, through the format of conversational English lessons, online!
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About Me

1)Why do I love teaching? - To share info, experiences with the Learner. So as to help you to improve your English! Collaboration is key to success!
2)Why should I teach you? - Because I absolutely love teaching, online- and seeing how the Learner improves!
3) Subjects? - Public Relations, Communication(written/oral)including Public Speaking; Networking; Event planning
4)My teaching style? - Interactive, conversational - not out of a text book

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