Resilience For Life

Adapt your feelings and thinking! Resilience means having the ability to face life's ever-changing challenges.

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This course has been designed to support those who struggle to deal with the challenges of daily life. These challenges may be caused by the current COVID pandemic, or it can be the general stresses of the workplace, it may be having to work from home alone for the first time without the physical presence and support of others, it can also be in social situations or just dealing with family or friends. Life is always a challenge, some deal with it better than others and are able to pull themselves out of the hole they find themselves in, they dust themselves off and find a quick resolution, others find it harder to get themselves out of the rut they are in. Whatever is your personal scenario, there are ways to control your feelings and emotions and create new ways of thinking. The content includes but is not limited to: • A personal resilience profile, which is completed online prior to the course commencement. This will show your current level of resilience. This is not shared with anyone. • What is resilience, and why are some people more resilient than others? • Neuro pathways and changing lifetime habits • Visualising your past successes • The 4 different mindsets and what challenges may impact on each • Profiling your mindset and preferred behaviours and identifying the potential challenging areas • Why your levels of resilience can differ in the workplace and when outside of the workplace • Reviewing your online resilience report, what does it mean (as a group, not individually) • The 5 contributing factors of resilience • Traits, qualities, and characteristics of the resilient person • 3 simple tools to use to increase your levels of resilience • Why health is a key contributing factor This course is primarily lecture driven, but with the opportunity to ask questions.
Philip has many years of experience working across rapidly changing and challenging environments, from heading up humanitarian projects during civil uprisings, to managing turnarounds of organisations that are on the brink of collapse in different countries with vastly contrasting cultures. Philip has had to learn resilience in some very difficult situations throughout his life, including dealing with his own dyslexia and turning the challenge of having to leave school at 15 because of it, into a positive experience! Adapting to a changing world is critical for survival and Philip believes everybody can learn how to do this effectively.
As this course deals with the emotions of resilience, you may recognise some personal issues as we progress through, however, the objective of the course is to give you a better understanding of why you feel the way you do and shows you how to manage those feelings going forward.

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Philip Peters

Bringing Business Skills to Life
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About Me

I currently run a freelance global business consultancy and people development practice, after a successful career in the corporate arena whilst operating across many business sectors as the mainboard director in sales, operations and project management. I currently run two successful online platforms, one which is in India and the other across all Russian speaking countries.

My fields of expertise and those which will be my focus on the Learned Live platform, fall into three development areas, firstly, working with 18 to 24-year-olds who are about to leave education and take on their new roles, as this is a specific requirement which managers in 2020 are highlighting as key. This will include such skills as team-working, working with managers, conflict in the workplace, presentation skills and innovation, to name a few.

Secondly, I will be working with existing managers and teams in developing leadership, influencing skills, cross-functional team working, sales and negotiation skills and coaching.

Finally, strategic planning in three areas; for start-ups who have great ideas but are not sure how to implement them, for SME’s who have grown to a certain size and now need fresh direction, and finally, existing corporates who are dealing with challenging times and need to adjust their strategy, culture and ways of thinking.

My style of teaching has been described as fast-paced but easy to follow, dynamic, using real-life scenarios and memorable (the critical bit). I look forward to working with the clients on the Learned.Live platform and sharing my knowledge and expertise.

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