Card Magic - Remote Team Building

A great team building exercise where you and your team learn one or two tricks.

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1 class per week, for 1 week

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50 minutes

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1-20 students

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A short course designed to provide offices working remotely to have an opportunity to gather online and do something fun.

I will teach some basic history of card magic. We will then learn how to shuffle and hold the cards correctly. I will begin the class with an awesome basic coin trick to get everyone warmed up and ready for the magic. We will then learn two or three-card tricks in this session, maybe even a fourth, depending on class size and the time available.

After this class, the group will split off and finish with a magic contest using the skills and tricks they've learned.

Magic is a great way to bring people together, having your friends to bounce ideas off to create your own tricks. Magic takes dedication, concentration and a will to succeed, and these are skills we should all aspire to have. Learning magic in a group allows you to bounce new ideas off each other, come up with new presentations of how a trick could work. All of these skills are transferable to the workplace and a great team-building exercise.

No previous experience is necessary, and all you will need is a complete deck of cards and a few different sized coins.

There is no previous experience or knowledge of any card tricks before you start this course. You will know how a few card tricks work and the mechanics behind them. You will be able to go and impress your family and friends and start your further journey into magic, or just have a few good party tricks. One of the keys to magic is to practice, practice, practice your tricks will only get smoother.

You will need is a complete deck of cards.

Johnathan has been a martial arts expert since the age of 9. From the age of 16 he worked with various circus teams where he learned many skills. He has travelled the world performing for audiences including Formula 1 events, royalty and international superstars. He is a fully insured fire performer with many skills including bubble-ology, staff spinning, juggling and stilt walking, to name but a few.
As a serial entrepreneur who founded three successful companies before the age of 30, my drive to succeed in life began in my teens when I realised the power of positive motivation.
he holds a Bachelors degree and also teaches conversational English to children and adults across the world.

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Johnathan Reynolds

If You Have Fun At Work You Never Work a Day In Your Life
37 teacher reviews total

About Me

I live in Brighton in the United Kingdom by the seaside and hold dual British / American citizenship. I hold a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Brighton.

Whilst studying I founded an events company that had become a successful global business by the time I graduated and which, to this day, supplies some of the best entertainment to corporate events, VIPs, and high-profile parties around the world.

Building on from there I founded an archery tag company that operates throughout the UK, and a bubble performer franchise which I created when my daughter was born as I wanted to add something fun that I could do with her.

I have been a professional performer for over fourteen years and traveled the world performing bubble, fire, and stilt shows. From corporate events to kids’ parties for the rich and famous, I have performed for them all. I founded and have run a global corporate entertainment agency (for over 20 years) and know exactly what it takes to create shows for any event and how to deliver them perfectly. I have also taught archery for PE classes in schools to pupils in every year group. Finally, I am a certified English as a Foreign Language tutor and have been teaching students all over the world from ages 8+ to adults, completely online.

These businesses have provided me with the expert knowledge and experience to teach my ‘How Money Works’, ‘Business 101 for Teenagers’ and investment classes. In fact, my experience as a performer working in the entertainment sector means that I am able to teach not only bubble magic, poi, and staff spinning but also card magic – all fun classes which my students really enjoy.

Business and Finance Skills
In my Business 101 class, I cover what it means to build and own a business, how to take an idea and make money from it, and specifically how to understand the financial aspect of owning and running a business.

My Finance and Money classes teach students what money is and how it works, investment options and opportunities, the difference between credit and debit cards, financial understanding, and how to use credit and loans responsibly. I also teach students everything they need to know about buying a house, including how to start saving for a property and what to do as a house owner.

Circus and Magic Skills
The bubble classes I teach focus on everything to do with bubbles. Starting with how to make the perfect bubble mix to make the perfect bubbles and bubble toys. Once we complete this stage, I teach a range of bubble tricks and explain in detail how and why they work.

In my card magic classes, I cover the basic history of card magic and how to shuffle and hold the cards. We cover beginner coin and card tricks and move on to learn how to force a card. We explore different ways of using these tricks and how to talk when performing.

In my poi and staff spinning classes, I teach students how to perform professionally with this equipment. We begin with simple moves and work up to creating a dynamic show for my students to impress their friends and family. Students are also given access to The Book of Staff Spinning which I published at the age of 21.

Life Skills
My life skills classes cover a range of topics including career options and the value of a university education, how to speak confidently in public, travel safety, and how to plan the trip of a lifetime.
I also offer mentoring for boys and what to expect during puberty and how to deal with the challenges that bring. The mentoring class is designed to support single-parent families who may be in need of an ‘older brother’ or trustworthy male role model.

Language and Games
The English Language classes I teach focus on all levels and aspects of learning English. We use different topics to explore new vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation skills.

I also run classes on how to play Chequers and Chess.

The main philosophy on which my teaching is based is that learning should be fun and relevant to the student. "If you have fun at work you never work a day in your life" is a motto I use daily! I absolutely love teaching people how to achieve this.

I look forward to teaching you.

5 Student reviews

Jonathan facilitated a brilliant Card Magic session! He made everyone feel involved AND energised.. breaking the trick down into simple steps that have imprinted on my brain. Although I'm now a one-trick-wonder, who seriously needs practice, I have still been able to impress friend and family.. THANKS : )!!!

September 20th, 10:47am

Fantastic session, really fun and engaging and now I know some magic! I have shared the trick with family and friends including my brother in Oz on our weekly zoom chat. Johnathan was awesome and so patient and kind. Thank you so much for organising and taking the time to teach us some fun skills.

September 16th, 1:23pm

Really enjoyed this class, well presented, friendly and fun!

September 16th, 12:48pm

Amazing session! Really loved it and then spent the entire weekend perfecting the tricks and showing them to family.
Johnathan was awesome as well, really friendly and had to be incredibly patient :)
Thank you so much

September 16th, 11:21am

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