Time, Priority and Wellbeing

(Re)take control of your job, get great performance evaluations and an ideal work/life balance.

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This course is aimed at employees and managers of small, medium and large businesses (and organisations). Session 1. 1. Introduction and main points. 2. Updating job descriptions to know clearly your objectives. 3. Preventing work overload. 4. Tracking our own performance. 5. Getting regular feedback. 6. Don’t confuse other people’s priorities with our own. 7. Either you control interruptions or they already control you. 8. Do not tacitly encourage immediate reactivity. 9. Saving time on meetings. Session 2 10. Lack of concentration is destroying your performance. 11. Multitasking is not effective. 12. Being effective is not the same as being efficient. 13. How to prioritise: the famous Time Management Matrix. 14. Applying the Matrix to your private lives. 15. Course summary and individual action plans Session 3. Pre-session questionnaire to identify outstanding needs and objectives to reach. The length of the course is 3 sessions of one hour. The first two sessions in one-half day with a 15-minute break between each. The third session, 10 days later (date/time to be decided after the first 2 classes). The fee for the course (3 sessions of one hour) and trainer preparation: £435 for an individual or £1540 for a whole group of a maximum of 10 participants. The maximum number of students allowed to the class is a group of 10. I offer individual coaching sessions, too. Program: n.b. pre-course questionnaires to ensure each participant’s needs and objectives are addressed ct to learn?
Management courses in Companies I offer: Presentations; Time/Priority & Stress Management; Emotional Intelligence; Crosscultural communications; Influencing; Meetings; Train the Trainers; Appraisals; Coaching for Best Performance; Succeed Through Listening First; Written communications; Negotiations; Sales.
I design and facilitate performance-based interactive communications and personal development programs. As well as being an expert trainer and consultant I also ran my own training organisations and trained my own trainers for over 30 years - centres in the UK, France and Belgium. I delivered a Development and Performance Management course: Conception and implementation for over 800 managers and employees in France for Texas Instruments and also Norway.

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John May

Trainer/coach: Europewide experience helping you reach proffessional/personal goals
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About Me

What will you be teaching?
I will be training a whole range of business and social skills, e.g. Time, Priority and Wellbeing, Presentation Skills

What drew you to the subject?
The need for people to reach their maximum professional and personal potential. And this to live successful lives, balancing both.

How long have you been involved with the subject?
Over 20 years

What makes you the right person to teach them?
Besides having the theoretical knowledge and 20 years of experience training a vast range of managers and employees in several European countries, I also have real hands-on experience running my own training companies and training my own trainers in Belgium, France and the UK.

What’s your style of teaching?
Very in-depth pre-course questionnaires to identify participant needs and wants. This resulting in a tailor-made program oriented to each participant’s needs and objectives. A highly interactive and participative teaching style that involves participants and motivates them to attain their pre-fixed objectives with step-by-step action plans.

What interests you away from Teaching!
Yoga, esoteric philosophy, rugby, horse riding, karaté, woodturning, the local community, children, grandchildren, my wife’s cooking (she’s French), travelling

“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” Khalil Gibran

“Education is not the filling of a bucket, but lighting fires of inspiration” Plutarch

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