Writing For a Digital Audience

This course will teach content creation for your own website and tricks how to widen your audience reach.

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Looking to start your own website? Maybe a new job requires you to be able to reach a digital audience? I can help you with that. With the help of short, digestible classes, I will take you through the shortcuts, tips and tricks I've picked up in my years as a Content Editor, copywriter, proofreader and social media expert. By the end of the course, you'll be able to ensure your target audience gets the full extent of your key message or unique selling point. There's many ways to speak to your audience - I intend to show you the best way.
I have been a Global Content Editor for four years. I have written digital content for audiences for seven years. I am a published author and have written for national publications and websites. I've been writing in various forms. They were humble beginnings; a self-started blog that generated an audience. Then I began to freelance, which led me to create my own site. This gave me the platform to gain full-time employment as a Global Content Editor, where I create a wide range of content with one common thread - conveying a message. I have experience writing all forms of content; creative, digital, news, commerce - pretty much anything that involves the written word. I have work published and I write constantly - both at work and at home. There are countless ways of saying something - I believe there is always a better way.

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Dan Betts

Published Author and Professional Content Creator
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It is my passion for words that has allowed me to create a writing career. The English language is so diverse that there are always better ways to convey your message. I have become a published author and I create diverse content daily. If you want to write something and you want your message heard - take my course!

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