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What makes you the same person over time? Several options explored after laying some groundwork!

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The Philosophy of Personal Identity studies what makes you the same person as you were when you were younger. We will analyse some traditional theories and see if we can improve on them. Based on 1st-year undergraduate seminars I used to teach, which were great fun. The format will be that I will introduce the subject and then pause every few minutes to ask questions and have a short discussion. We will then move onto the next thought experiment which I will introduce before asking questions again. Towards the end, we will move more into an open discussion format once everyone is familiar with the key concepts. By the end, you will have learnt several of the main theories about personal identity and how they relate to each other. You will be able to critically analyse them and hopefully form an opinion that you can back up with a reasonable argument. You will have learnt of a few methods in Western Rational Philosophy and how they relate to your own personal subjective experience. This course is open to all levels and is just for fun.
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I used to teach this course to first-year undergraduates during my PhD. My main subject was Philosophy of Mind and Imagination, but I taught this subject for several years while I was doing my PhD and it was one of my favourite seminars. I have also always had a broad interest in psychology and striving for self-understanding and my place in the world. This subject has some really fun thought experiments in it to help you get the idea.

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Dr. Peter King

Philosopher, Juggler, Balloon Modeller, Charity Manager
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About Me

A man of many talents I have had an unusual career path and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love teaching intro philosophy seminars and have collected my favourite two here with loads of really fun and thought-provoking thought experiments. My setting up a Charity and Fundraising course will go over the basics of how to get started with creating and running a charity. And finally, you can learn some really fun basic balloon models on my balloon modelling course. You can also book the Balloon Modelling activity and 3 ball juggling as a Team Building Session. So please check out my FREE 30mins intro courses, or book onto my longer paid course and get in touch if you have any questions.

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