Building Your Resilience

This course is about how to build resilience. Both in ourselves and our children.

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Resilience is perhaps one of the greatest attributes we can have. We can’t always make the world a safer or kinder place. But resilience is what helps us survive the times that challenge us the most. But what is it? Are we born with it or do we learn it? This course will lead us through those question and explore some of the theories around resilience. I will be talking to you but also asking you to discuss and explore these questions together.
Lindsay has a masters degree in counselling and has spent the last two decades working with children and families in many settings. When she first started working with children and adults who have survived horrific trauma it led to the question, why do some come out stronger and others seem to break? What makes one person more resilient than another? This led to lots of research in this area and watching her own children face their own traumas with medical conditions and intrusive procedures, learning how to give them the best chance at being resilient through those times, means she continues to research this topic and put into practice what she learns.
We may touch upon some areas that could be sensitive or emotive for you. Please remember that whilst a trained and experienced therapist is leading this group, it is not therapy. Please keep yourself safe and if unsure if this is suitable for you, please do contact me first.

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Lindsay Reynolds (Dobson)

Mother and Trauma Therapist
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About Me

I’ve been teaching in many settings over the last decade and more. I’ve training counsellors and professionals who work with children, as well as supporting parents and children directly and I love it. However, my own children are clinically vulnerable so that has given me the incentive to go online. I’ve spent years working with children and families in lots of settings, and then had my own and realised I still had a lot to learn! Both at home and in my work I’ve put to practice all I have learnt, and love bringing those bits that have helped me and many others, so you can be sure that what I teach has most assuredly been tried and tested. I teach mindfulness and gentle parenting as well as many things around mental health. I believe we learn best when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves so my style of teaching is pretty relaxed and informal and I usually bring lots of examples from my work and life to illustrate what I’m teaching. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing how my courses may help.

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