How Attachment Theory Creates Resilient Children

An introduction to attachment theory and how fostering healthy attachments creates healthy resilient children and adults

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Attachment theory underpins many models of child development. And could be the most important part of raising a child. Attachment starts before we are born and If we form healthy attachments in our early years it can set us up to be resilient for life. Likewise, unhealthy attachments can lead to many struggles. Our course explores what kinds of attachment there are and how to recognise those. How to build secure healthy attachments and what we can do if we or someone we support has an insecure attachment This is aimed at those who have little or no knowledge of attachment theory and will be delivered by myself mainly as a lecture, with examples from my work and life as a parent to illustrate with time to reflect and discuss elements.
Integrative Therapist for children, young people and adults. Using a variety of skills including creative and play therapy to work both online and face to face. Particular interest in compassion and mindfulness-based approaches including the use of yoga. Experienced with trauma and PTSD as well as eating disorders and complex bereavement. I started working with children almost twenty years ago. I’ve worked in many roles including with children in foster care, adoption and residential homes. With parents who are struggling and those about to die. For the past decade, I’ve supported children and families within the hospice setting as well as training and teaching many professionals. Attachment theory underpins all my work. I’m also a mum to twin five-year-olds so have the wonderful opportunity to put my work in to practice at home and observe the challenges first hand.
Attachment theory and learning about it can bring up emotions over our own attachments. If you're at all unsure about this course please do send me a message. But if it brings things up during the course talking to a therapist experienced in attachment theory can be really useful. Please do look after yourself and only engage with conversations and courses that feel safe for you to do so.

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Lindsay Reynolds (Dobson)

Mother and Trauma Therapist
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I’ve been teaching in many settings over the last decade and more. I’ve training counsellors and professionals who work with children, as well as supporting parents and children directly and I love it. However, my own children are clinically vulnerable so that has given me the incentive to go online. I’ve spent years working with children and families in lots of settings, and then had my own and realised I still had a lot to learn! Both at home and in my work I’ve put to practice all I have learnt, and love bringing those bits that have helped me and many others, so you can be sure that what I teach has most assuredly been tried and tested. I teach mindfulness and gentle parenting as well as many things around mental health. I believe we learn best when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves so my style of teaching is pretty relaxed and informal and I usually bring lots of examples from my work and life to illustrate what I’m teaching. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing how my courses may help.

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