Introduction to Mindfulness

This course will introduce to you to Mindfulness, some therapy interspersed with short easy to learn, and do anywhere practices.

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This is the .b mindfulness course that I teach in a really fun and easy way for adults (with the added bonus if you have teens in your life, you can take what you have learned and practice with them also!). We split our learning over ten hour-long sessions, to give you a chance to use the practice we introduce that week. These sessions will be: Lesson One – Playing Attention. Lesson Two – Taming the Animal Mind Lesson Three –Recognising Worry Lesson Four –Being Here Now Lesson Five –Moving Mindfully Lesson Six –Stepping Back Lesson Seven –Befriending the Difficult Lesson Eight –Taking in the Good Lesson Nine –Pulling it all Together Each week we will build on what we have learnt the week before, but also try different ways to practice mindfulness to let you find which ones work best for you and your life. They will be a mix of theory and practice and by the end of the course, I'm hoping you will have found a method that works for you, and you can either stay at this level and bring a bit of mindfulness to your life, or you will be ready to dive a little deeper and start to practice more, or even take another course and find out more.
Mindfulness changed my life, I learnt it when I first started working in a hospice, with traumatic bereavement. Since then it has seen me through many life changes, been my main form of pain relief during a tricky birth and made me a far better parent than I would have been without it. When I'm anxious, or stressed, have a big decision to make, or plain tired and locked into a way of thinking, mindfulness is there to help me out. That's why I love teaching this subject and this is the first level, a simple easy introduction. So easy you need never have even heard the word before to join us on this course. I'm both a trained .b mindfulness teacher and a yoga teacher. I'm also a qualified counsellor who has used mindfulness in my practice for many years. I've supported many adults and children to learn mindfulness to help them manage big emotions. Mindfulness has been part of my own daily practise now for over a decade and has adapted with me from a single explorer to a settled down mum of twins. Mindfulness is part of my life, and I love sharing how it can help others and change their minds also.

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Lindsay Reynolds (Dobson)

Mother and Trauma Therapist
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I’ve been teaching in many settings over the last decade and more. I’ve training counsellors and professionals who work with children, as well as supporting parents and children directly and I love it. However, my own children are clinically vulnerable so that has given me the incentive to go online. I’ve spent years working with children and families in lots of settings, and then had my own and realised I still had a lot to learn! Both at home and in my work I’ve put to practice all I have learnt, and love bringing those bits that have helped me and many others, so you can be sure that what I teach has most assuredly been tried and tested. I teach mindfulness and gentle parenting as well as many things around mental health. I believe we learn best when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves so my style of teaching is pretty relaxed and informal and I usually bring lots of examples from my work and life to illustrate what I’m teaching. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing how my courses may help.

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