Creating a Natural Makeup Look

This course will teach you the basics of a natural makeup application and what techniques and products to use.

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WHO IS IT FOR? This is a class aimed at beginners to teach them the basics of a natural, everyday makeup application, I want it to be relaxed and as interactive as possible. WHAT CAN I EXPECT? I will do a live demo of a natural basic makeup look on myself, talking through, application techniques and products, with hints and tips along the way. I want to keep the class simple, you are more than welcome to participate and follow along, applying your own makeup or you can just watch, listen and or take notes. Please note if you do follow along, I will not be able to watch you or give personal feedback on what you are doing, during the live demo, due to timings. I can, if requested take a look at your finished result, at the question and answer section at the end. I have slides, that will show all products used and what we will be covering. These will be available for download, I will put a link in the chatbox, via Zoom at the end of the class. HOW LONG WILL THE CLASS RUN? The live demo is roughly 45 mins and there will be a slot for questions and answers at the end. The class length is 1 hour. In the follow-up class, I will be live in Zoom for 1 hour, if anyone wants to pop in and ask any questions they did not have a chance to ask at the first class. WHAT WILL I LEARN: The 3 main topics covered will be: 1) How to match foundation and apply this properly 2) Basics on filling in eyebrows 3) Eyeshadow what types to pick and how to blend. I hope you enjoy the class and at the end have picked up some useful tips on how to apply your own makeup and what products to look out for when you make your next purchase. WHAT DOES THE SECOND CLASS INVOLVE? This is a drop-in session for anyone who attended the demo class. I will be live in Zoom for 1 hour and you are welcome to hop in and ask any questions, you may have thought of since the first class. It's a chance to ask me anything you wish relating to makeup. You are not obliged to stay for the hour, you can just hop in and out as you please.
I have 16 years of experience working in everything from fashion, tv/film and theatre. I have also taught classes and masterclasses in makeup. I have a lot of knowledge in this field and I am used to teaching groups of people.

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I am looking to pass on some hints and tips!
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I love passing on my knowledge, I have been fortunate to have worked on some large theatre productions and worked on TV and fashion photographic shoots and fashion shows. I want to teach the basics of makeup, showing application techniques and which products to use. I want the class to be a relaxed environment, where you can join in and participate or just watch and take notes.

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