Introduction to Mindfulness

This course will teach you how to meditate and help you learn about creating your own mindfulness practice

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Discover the amazing power of living in the present moment! This class will give you a good understanding of what mindfulness is and what it isn't. You will learn the benefits of developing a mindfulness practice, and some of the possible side effects and things to look out for as you practice meditation. We will cover the history of mindfulness, from ancient times to the modern-day. Mindfulness can be useful for anyone of any religion, as a way of connecting with the present moment and calming a busy mind. I will give you instructions on how to meditate, and tips you can try out during and after the lesson. And you will also get the chance to practice mindfulness meditation in a safe and relaxed group setting. This is a skill you can use for the rest of your life, to calm yourself during difficult situations, or simply to get to know yourself on another level. This class is ideal for anyone who is curious about mindfulness or meditation, or for those who have listened to guided meditations already and would like to get more of the benefits of mindfulness in other areas of their life.
This is a one-off class so there is no homework, but please look out for other courses and classes to continue to practice your skills. You can continue to meditate on your own or look for a local meditation group near you. If you are interested in going further into mindfulness I also offer 8-week courses and individual classes on different aspects of mindful living.
I have been meditating for over 30 years and I have learned many different types of mindfulness practices over the years. I studied meditation in a Hindu ashram in Nepal, and at a Buddhist temple in Thailand. I have developed my own system for integrating mindfulness into every aspect of your life or business, for better relationships, clearer communication and a more balanced life. If you're interested in finding out about my 5M system, please feel free to ask! I also have a PhD in Physics and base my work on the latest scientific findings in neurobiology and quantum mechanics.

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Hazel Hardie

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher with over 30 Years Experience
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About Me

As a life long meditator and someone who loves living in the present moment, I am excited to be able to teach you about this life changing skill. My classes combine ancient Buddhist and Hindu meditation practices with modern mindfulness techniques including my Mindful Life system to help you create a balanced life in this ever changing world.

Apart from mindfulness, I am a qualified life coach and I practice gentle parenting with my two boisterous boys and occasionally vicious cat. I have a PhD in Physics, and I base all of my teachings on the latest scientific research where possible. I live in the North-West of England and love to travel all over the world.

If you're interested in learning how to meditate, or if you'd like to get to know yourself on a deeper level and find your fulfilling place in the world, you're welcome to join a mindfulness course. I look forward to meeting you in the class!

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