Time Management to a Healthy Lifestyle

How to make and create the time and space to become healthier.

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When committing to your health, it is not a matter of adding extra time to your schedule. It's about finding the time in your existing schedule. This course helps with these: Identify your Behavior Chain, & improve habits Eliminate excuses Remove fears Set up time blocks for the essential tasks Change your thoughts, feelings, & actions toward healthy habits. More time, space & energy for the essential things in life This course is powerful because it deals with the root issues behind the lack of time & removes the common barriers to achieving a healthy body. This course will impact your life & make your dreams of a healthy, happy life possible. After taking this, you'll be more aware of your thoughts, feelings, & actions. There will be small shifts in your beliefs & priorities. We are in a time where we are often reactive to what life throws at us, but we do have thousands of choices a day. Choosing healthier choices will be rewarding short & long term.
Through the CDC, I am certified to facilitate The National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP), a 12-month program that lowers blood sugar levels through lifestyle changes. I am also a certified Health & Life Coach with Mastery level training through HCI. I also have a Personal Training Certification to offer healthy, safe movement for clients of all abilities & restrictions

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Katherine Hood

Certified Diabetes Prevention Health Coach
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I am a certified personal trainer, life coach, and health coach specializing in preventing type two diabetes. My passion is preventing type 2 diabetes. I support and educate my clients on creating a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the awful side effects of diabetes. My courses range from how to gain control of your blood glucose levels to embracing a whole new way of life with balance and joy.

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