Pre-Diabetes or Type Two: Where to Start

Tips, suggestion, support bonus materials to help understand diabetes and start the journey of a healthy lifestyle.

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This is a course in which you'll be able to understand thoroughly... -HOW to become more mindful and on purpose -HOW to set a goal, one that will propel you forward and overcome obstacles -HOW to define your desire and create a deep understanding of WHY you're shifting into a new lifestyle - WHERE to start in a new phase of your life -WHAT to focus on first to achieve results without a diet -HOW to keep consistent blood sugar levels -ADDITIONAL >> Low Carb Pantry Guide You'll discover YOU'RE NOT ALONE! You have hope and support. What will you get from This Course? How to become on purpose, focused, and in tune with your body. A deeper understanding of your goal. A well defined WHY underneath your way to begin or keep going on your journey. Easy to obtain a defined goal. Where to start and how to begin this new unchartered territory. A community of support, encouragement, accountability, and resources. Planners, tools, guides, and many more resources.
Through the CDC, I am certified to facilitate The National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP), a 12-month program that lowers blood sugar levels through lifestyle changes. I am also a certified Health & Life Coach with Mastery level training through HCI. I also have a Personal Training Certification to offer healthy, safe movement for clients of all abilities & restrictions

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Katherine Hood

Certified Diabetes Prevention Health Coach
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I am a certified personal trainer, life coach, and health coach specializing in preventing type two diabetes. My passion is preventing type 2 diabetes. I support and educate my clients on creating a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the awful side effects of diabetes. My courses range from how to gain control of your blood glucose levels to embracing a whole new way of life with balance and joy.

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