How To Build A Career in High Profile Public Relations

This course will teach you the basics in how to get started in High Profile PR to building a future career. I will teach you how to understand this face paced environment, get noticed, work with the press, position yourself in front of the right people an

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3 classes per week, for 2 weeks

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60 minutes

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I believe anyone can reach the top of their desired career, and PR is no exception. In this course, I shall be teaching you how to get into working in High Profile PR; work with celebrities, get noticed as an expert in your field and how to handle the press when the pressure is on with crisis management. This course will teach you how I did it and also how you too can build on your self belief skills to get you there too and more importantly, give you the tools which you need to stay afloat in this highly pressurised environment. In the final lesson, we will discuss how to set your own consultancy in this field.

Lesson ONE:
What to expect during this course
Understanding the reasons why people want to work in high profile PR?
Understanding the nature of this work
What PR is and what it isn't

Lesson TWO:
Getting started in PR
Setting your CV up for success
What tools to use for cover letters and CV
Courses to consider taking

Lesson THREE:
Who do you want to work for?
PR in different industries
Starting the conversation- who to talk to.
The importance of contacts and networking
Routes into the field to consider
Being clear on your end goal

Lesson FOUR:
Building your black book
How to manage the press and in-bound requests
Digital PR and the basics
Collaborations and events

Lesson FIVE:
When things go wrong
Crisis Management
Learning from mistakes
Building bridges

Lesson SIX:
Setting up your own consultancy
Working with smaller celebrities
Picking future paths and planning your niche.
Conclusions and Q&A

I believe that the best learning experience is engagement. Although the progression of students will not be officially assessed by myself, I will be monitoring the interaction of all students to make sure they are getting the most out of the course.
I have been lucky enough to have had an extraordinary career in PR. Since moving into high profile Public Relations over ten years ago, I have been at the forefront of press communications of many historic events, including the London Olympics, Surrey School Games as well as promoting achievements in the Guinness Books of Records, and more recently, achieving Head of PR and publicist for Carole Middleton and Party Pieces. In the last ten years, my own media company has promoted 100s of bands, performers, events, festivals and small businesses across the UK through digital PR. I continue to represent figures in television and the media.

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About Me

Enthusiastic about Celebrity Public Relations, I have worked in the high profile industry for almost 10 years, working on some of the most historic events in recent times such as the London Olympics to working with notable TV celebrities, as well as Carole Middleton, the press and prestigious business owners. I will give you insights to the world of high profile PR, show you how I moved into this industry after shifting careers dramatically and how I have built a strong reputation in the media. I bring fun, humour and story telling to my courses, giving each student engaging material and something memorable to take away with them which will boost their confidence in this field and give them the tools to build their own PR and Marketing consultancy.

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