How to play poker - Intermediate level

In this lesson I will teach my students how to improve their game, to start thinking more strategically and develop their game to fit their style.

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This course will cover how:
- How to bet relative to the pot size
- How to calculate pot odds
- Different styles of playing
- How to make a convincing bluff

The lesson will be a mixture of me going through different hands and scenarios, whilst also showing a few videos on how to professionals play.
This lesson is for players that have played the game in the past and know the rules as well as some of the lingo.
I have been playing poker for the last 6 years with a mixture of playing in real life as well as playing online. I was also both a Junior and Senior poker champion at my school.

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Shrey Joshi

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About Me

I have been playing poker since I was 12 when I first joined the poker club at my school. This led me from playing poker every week to playing almost every day. With the thousands of hours of experience I have, I wanted to pass on some of my skills to other people wishing to learn poker.
As well as playing poker from a young age I have had an interest in programming which prompted me to take computer science at GCSE and A-level. I am well skilled in python as well as knowing how to code in many other languages and have the ability to also teach some theory on computers and how they function.

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