How to influence conversations with simple language

It’s the magic of language and how to use sleight of mouth to influence a person in a moment’s notice. To change the person’s thought process and to have him/her adhere to your view point.

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What is Conversational Hypnosis? It is a display of influence and unconscious control that can be applied in any setting and be accomplished in a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

Ravi Mayar has developed this incredibly impressive talent to the point where he can direct a person's perception of reality by locking their mind around his suggestions. He has curved his talent not to fall out of the confines of his professional integrity.

"This is a interactive conversational hypnosis and NLP learning course that is FIRSTLY FUN and designed for you to be able to put into your everyday conversations, business and performance immediately. This material has been part of my heart & soul for over a decade and I’m proud to offer it to you now.”

To become a trained conversational hypnotist, it takes years of perseverance, extensive intuition and the ability to think in an abstract way, of which Ravi Mayar has acquired over the many years of being a professional. It is because of the great knowledge and experience Ravi beholds, that makes his performance just that much better.

Ravi has worked with some of the greatest hypnotists in the industry, being a long term loyal member, Ravi’s thoughts and comments are not only asked for, but sought out for by many up-and-coming and established hypnotists to feature on their instructional DVDs.

“Ravi originally trained in hypnosis with the head hacking team and has remained close with the team, sharing ideas ever since. Since those early days, Ravi has developed on his own and after years tried and tested performances has finally decided to release his unique approach to mix and mingle conversational hypnosis to the public”
Anthony Jacquin, Founder of Head Hacking, Author of ‘Reality is Plastic’

It's not only hypnotists that respect and enjoy Ravi’s professionalism; Ravi has performed in front of and even on some of the biggest celebrities across the world. 

“Hypnotism was Fantastic! Thank you for your magic”
Gordon Ramsay, TV Personality & Chef

" Go on my son! I love this guy!"
Danny Dyer, Actor & Presenter

"That took my breathe away"
Jermaine Jackson, The Jackson Five


I personally feel anybody serious about being a powerful speaker or at least to be a better speaker should do the session. The real power of the session lies in the fact that Ravi creates examples on the spot for you to relate to and for you to learn from

Soumyabrata Banerjee (India) Sales Manager Indian multinational conglomerate

Stunning knowledge shared!!!
My session with Ravi was an eye-opening experience on the power of speech. I have run international meetings and managed teams of 50 – 100 in my business career, but Ravi’s insights will now give me an additional focus on the fluency and strength of future experiences. The time flew by and great value for money. I can’t wait for my next course.

Paul Sturgess
RCA Group Commercial Manager, Regional & City Airports

A big thumbs up from me!!!
Just spent two hours online with Ravi For his linguistics and language training. I found Ravi's course via interest in my magic hobby and signed up to help get more confidence performing card tricks for my family and friends. 

However this course is so much more!  Learned some powerful and instantly usable techniques to help get the confidence I was looking for in performing, albeit a simple hobby for me. However more importantly I can immediately see how how I can apply what I learned into my everyday interactions in my personal life and at work now.

I found Ravi really friendly, supportive and encouraging, right from our first telephone call right up to completing the course. A big thumbs up from me, highly recommended. 

Peter Green, Outsourcing, I.T. Sales consultant

I wholeheartedly recommend!!!
This course massively exceeds even the original asking price! Ravi went above and beyond to teach some great linguistics, making sure everything was personalised and that no stone was left unturned.

Simon Caine, Professional Mentalist

I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up to Ravi's course, but please let me tell you, what I learned in a short space of time was second to none, performer or not, GET ON THIS!

Jamie Segrave, Professional Magician

I highly recommend this!!!
I took this opportunity a couple of weeks ago because the timing was
perfect. I highly recommend this. There’s tonnes of evidence proving the
benefits of NLP and even more valuable now social distancing means
utilising powerful language is more impactful than ever

Nick Baverstock - JP Morgan Chase

An enjoyable course for all levels and all backgrounds and which can be put into practice immediately in all contexts.  Ravi has an engaging participative style to ensure you learn and absorb rather than being talked at. Thoroughly recommended

Sam Lee, head of risk, major Japanese Bank.

To become a trained professional conversational hypnotist takes years of perseverance, extensive intuition and the ability to think in an abstract way, of which Ravi Mayar has acquired over the many years of being a professional

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Ravi Mayar

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About Me

British born, Canadian raised, now permanently living in the UK, Celebrity Personality Ravi Mayar has performed and taught his fantastic skills in close up Magic, Hypnotism and Pickpocket trickery to an array of people across 3 different continents for over 45 nationalities.

Ravi Mayar began into the world of magic when he decided to compliment his business career with magic, Pickpocket and hypnosis principles. He then soon learnt that he could switch this and use his business career to build his entertainment, consultant and trainer career.

Ravi’s style of training is interactive, personal and follow up. As a student of the “Train the Trainer” programme, Ravi is passionate about the diverse subjects he trains and compassionate about his students.

“Previous students of mine will tell you that my training is not about sharing information with you. IT IS ABOUT TRAINING YOU! This means being there for you at different stages of your learning process”

“Your relationship with me as a Trainer and journey into this wonderful art form continues past our sessions and into your everyday life”

Ravi has worked with some of the greatest industry professionals in the world, being a long term loyal member, Ravi’s thoughts and comments are not only asked for but sought out for by many up-and-coming and established professionals to feature on their instructional DVDs.

Ravi has lectured at magic societies and clubs across the country and has been asked to bring his unique brand to the famous Magic Circle, U.K.

It's not only professionals that respect and enjoy Ravi’s brand; Ravi has performed in front of and even on some of the biggest celebrities across the world.

“Hypnotism was fantastic and thank you for your magic” Gordon Ramsay TV Personality & Chef

“Go on my son! I love this guy!” Danny Dyer, Actor & Presenter

“That took my breath away!” Jermaine Jackson, The Jackson Five

Ravi was hired in 2017 by the head of Dynamo’s magic consultants to be the pickpocket consultant for the remake of the Hollywood film “The Saint”

Ravi has had the pleasure of working behind the scenes for some of today’s up and coming superstars of magic Most recently Ravi was hired as the Consultant for Street Magician and YouTube star Ryan Tricks for his 6 one hour Street Magic TV series “Dirty Tricks”. Ravi worked alongside the Director from Dynamo’s street magic TV series “Magician Impossible”

“I took something out of my set to perform his magic” Alan Rorrison Magic Consultant, Dynamo Magician Impossible TV Series

“I love the way Ravi thinks!” Ryan Tricks YouTube Star & TV Street Magician, Dirty Tricks-Channel 5 star, Season one

“Over 16 years I have been referring back to Ravi for his consultancy” Damien Obrien, TV Street Magician & BGT Finalist 2020

“Ravi is an excellent Trainer and very clear in his methods” Richard Jones BGT Winner 2016

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