Become A Poet in 59 Minutes

In this entertaining and inspiring masterclass, a professional poetry writer-and-performer will turn YOU into a poet... in just one lesson!

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This one-off Poetry Masterclass is a really easy, interactive, entertaining workshop where everyone can learn to write a poem. It will be engaging, inspiring and you will truly amaze yourself with what you can achieve in just a single lesson. Simply bring along something to write on, something to write with... and lots of curiosity! Absolutely no previous experience of poetry writing is needed. I passionately believe that poems should be able to be enjoyed and written by everyone. Drawing upon my 30 years as a professional writer-performer-teacher, I begin the class with a short and motivating poetry performance... then I go on to create a poem with the students... and then the students will each get the opportunity to write a poem of their own. I guarantee that this lesson will be a unique, enjoyable and creative experience that will make you want to keep on writing poems... forever.
There are opportunities for the students' work to be reviewed and appreciated during the class.
I have a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of York, UK. I have spent 30 years as a professional writer, performer and teacher of poetry globally and I have performed my works for Royalty and celebrities, in every kind of venue and on primetime TV and Radio. I am also the author of two published poetry books.

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Poems Should Be For Everyone - Not Just Professors And Librarians!
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About Me

Be amazed by what YOU can do!

I have been a full-time professional writer, performer and teacher of poetry for over 30 years. I have been fortunate to perform my words all around the world, at every kind of venue and for every kind of audience. I have been invited to perform my poems for Royalty (including four times for Queen Elizabeth II), for countless celebrities and on prime-time TV and Radio in many countries (including, for example, BBC1 TV's 'The One Show' and BBC Radio Five Live). I have a BA (Hons) Degree in English Literature from The University of York in the UK and I am the author of two published poetry collections.

My absolute favourite thing to do is to develop new poetry writers and readers. I love poems and believe they can and should be for everyone! And I know, through experience, that everyone CAN write a poem... Over the years, I have taught students of all different backgrounds, ages and levels of education and I have yet to find a single person I could not teach to write a poem. My technique is to make it enjoyable, accessible and to allow each student to discover their voice and ideas. If I had to sum up my teaching style it would be this: Entertain and Inspire.

I live in the middle of England with my partner and our two sons. My hobbies (apart from reading, writing and teaching poetry) include travel, running, hiking and going to the movies.

Please come along to my lesson... become a confident, content, captivating poetry writer!

“Really good... so cool... incredible.”
Phillip Schofield, ‘This Morning’, ITV.

“Judge, I wish we’d had you here on our first show! And I wish we’d kept you here!”
Adrian Chiles, BBC TV.

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