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This course helps Apple Mac personal and business users master the Pages word processing and design tools, so they can quickly and easily create beautiful documents that look like they were designed by a professional print shop.

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This course will teach you the difference between using Pages as a traditional word processor, how to save time with templates, how to format your text. How to enhance your documents with graphics, drawings, spreadsheet-like tables, and more. We will also look at the iOS and web versions of Pages, and how to collaborate online in real time with your collaborators, before exporting and sharing your final documents in various formats.

Week 1. Introduction and basics
Creating a document
Working with documents
Navigating the application and customisation
Adding text
Formatting text
Aligning and spacing text
Formatting documents

Week 2. Using images, shapes and media to create stunning designs
Adding and editing images
Adding and editing shapes
Adding and editing video and audio files
Positioning and styling the objects on a page
Adding tables
Adding charts

Week 3. - Advanced features
Using writing and editing tools
Sharing and collaborating documents
Managing and organising documents
Keyboard shortcuts

This is a lecture based class with 10 minutes live Q&A at the end.

By the end of this course you will be able to quickly and easily create beautifully designed documents, posters or even books that you will be able to export and share as Microsoft Word or pdf documents to either PC or Mac users. This software is really powerful and Mac easier to use than Microsoft word for your home or business and can save you money getting your work done by professional graphic designers.

I will be screen sharing via Zoom so you will be able to see me create, edit and organise the documents live and put your hand up if you are getting stuck.

This course is aimed at beginners for both home and business users and also professionals who want to switch to an easier option than Microsoft Word. No prior training using the software will be needed as we will be starting from the basics through to the advanced features.

I am an Apple Certified Pro with 4 years experience working for Apple as an in store trainer and have taught a diverse range of people, from complete beginners who have never used a computer before to advanced film editors, business owners and music producers. I am a fully qualified teacher with a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education from the University of Portsmouth with 7+ years teaching experience at Havant and South Downs College, Waterlooville.

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Gary Wood

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About Me

I am a fully qualified teacher who loves to teach and help people with their Apple devices such as the Mac, iPad and iPhone. I am obsessed with Apple's products and have been using and teaching them for 20 years. I also love keeping up to date with new features and can't wait to share my knowledge with my students.

I am an Apple Certified Pro with 4 years of experience working for Apple as an in-store trainer and have taught a diverse range of people, from complete beginners who have never used a computer before to advanced film editors, business owners and music producers.

The subjects I want to teach are:
Getting started with iPhone, iPad or Mac.
Creating content on the iPhone to help with online teaching.
Music Creation using Garageband and Logic Pro X
Video editing using iMovie and Final Cut Pro X
Photo Editing and Organisation using the Photo's App
The Mac Operating System
Word Processing using Pages
Creating Spreadsheets using Numbers
Creating Presentations using Keynote
Collaborating and sharing with Google Apps.

I am an enthusiastic, fun, engaging teacher who stretches all of his students to their fullest potential with a strong ability to engage with people of all technical levels and abilities.

Let me help you develop confidence in using technology so you can become independent Apple technology users.

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