Introduction to U.S. Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

In this 10-Week/20-Day Introductory class, students will learn the basics of the Law Enforcement field.

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Do you have an interest in Law Enforcement in the United States? Do you want to be a Police Officer, Highway Patrol Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, or even work for the FBI? In this Spring Semester 10-Week (20-Days) Introduction to Law Enforcement career education class, you may just get the answers you were looking for. Students will be introduced to the broad world of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. This class not only educates the student on the law enforcement topic, it also helps the student understand what law enforcement in general go through on a daily basis. I like to keep my classes small and limited to no more than 8-students so there is more interaction between each other.
Some of the topics we will cover will include: How law enforcement and criminal justice in the United States have evolved since the country was founded over 200 years ago. The United States Constitution and Laws. Types of Crime in the United States. Out with the old and in with the new Contemporary Policing. The importance of the Patrol Division within the Departments. Specialized roles of law enforcement, such as: Detectives, SWAT Teams, Drug Task Force, Internal Affairs, etc. Why law enforcement interacting with the Community is important. Updated issues concerning police conduct and how it may impact you in the future. We will also look at becoming a law enforcement professional and everything you may have to go through to reach that goal. ACTIVE PARTICIPATION, CAMERAS ON, AND NOTE TAKING IN THIS CLASS IS REQUIRED.

Here is a breakdown of topics for the class that will be covered in the 10-Weeks (Subject to change):
Week 1 – Introductions, Activities & Project #1, History of Law Enforcement
Week 2 – Presentation #1, The American Quest for Freedom & Justice: Constitution & Laws, Use of Force
Week 3 – Project #2, Community Policing, Description of Persons & Vehicles, Law Enforcement Ethics
Week 4 – Patrol Patterns & Techniques, Unknown & Felony Traffic Stops, Project #2 Presentation.
Week 5 – Report Writing & Project #3 - FEMA Courses (Industry Certifications)
Week 6 – Domestic Violence, Public Information Officer
Week 7 – The Court System & Corrections
Week 8 – Crime Scene Basics, CSI Activities, CSI Series
Week 9 – CSI Series
Week 10 – CSI Series, Final Test

I actively teach this class on other platforms, plus I have taught the last four years teaching concurrent college credit Criminal Justice classes to 10th-12th grade students. Before that, I had a very successful twenty-two year career as a law enforcement professional.
Since this is a Law Enforcement related class, students may be subject to Violent Videos, Harsh Language, etc.

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About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Lance Davis aka “Mr.D”. I am happily married and have 3-boys including a set of twins. I have an Associate of Applied Science degree from Ashworth College and a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University, both in Criminal Justice. I am retired from being a law enforcement officer after twenty-two years and decided that I want to just concentrate on my 2nd career of teaching which I have done full-time the last 5-years. I have several hobbies which are: (1) Sports, along with collecting Sports Cards since I was 11-years old, (2) Learning and teaching Criminal Justice & Social Studies related material, and (3) Being outdoors and enjoying family time on our farm.
I am a very humorous person and so I love to add humor in my teaching on a daily basis which in turn almost always gets a positive reaction from my students. I will be teaching the following classes and possibly others in the future: Introduction to Law Enforcement, Shocking Crimes in America, Forensic Science/Crime Scene Investigation, Social Studies Investigator, Financial Literacy (Educating students on the financial world), and a Sports Card Collecting class.
My style of teaching is simple. Depending on the class, you will either get power point slides or documents before the class to help you prepare for what I am about to teach. You will follow along and fill in the blanks as we go or you will be taking notes, or both. I do ask that you keep your camera on in all my classes. I like to see who I am talking to and receiving a response from, plus I do this for security reasons. All of my classes will be U.S. Central Time.
I am blessed to be able to enjoy both of the careers I set out to do at an early age and my hope for you is to learn and enjoy class as much as I love to teach it. Thank you!

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