English for Tourism

This course will help students to learn essential English needed for travelling

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This course is related to touristic English and gives the necessary knowledge to feel confident in common situations while travelling. It is the most suitable for adult learners with Beginner and higher level. The course is designed for people who travel a lot, but struggle to deal with typical situations and problems that occur during the journeys because of the language barrier. During the course, students will learn the necessary vocabulary and grammar in order to communicate at the airport, hotel, in the street, in restaurants and during shopping. The course consists of 5 blocks: - At the airport - At the hotel - In the street - Shopping - In the restaurant. Each block includes a theoretical lesson (reading, video tasks, listening exercises) and a practical one (speaking tasks). There are not any special tests in the course, but students will need to complete some assignments. By the end of the course, students will have enough language knowledge and experience to behave in life situations and to deal with common problems while travelling. As a result, they will have the necessary level of English to feel confident in the journeys.
I am a certified English teacher and have been teaching adults for about 8 years. At the same time, my hobby is travelling, I have visited a lot of countries and seen different problems that tourists face while travelling. So, I have decided to embody all my experience and knowledge in the course that will help tourists to feel confident while travelling around the world.

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June 28th - July 16th (9 Scheduled Classes)

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  • June 30th 13:00 - 13:40 (Europe/London Time)
  • July 2nd 13:00 - 13:40 (Europe/London Time)
  • July 5th 13:00 - 13:40 (Europe/London Time)
  • July 7th 13:00 - 13:40 (Europe/London Time)
  • July 9th 13:00 - 13:40 (Europe/London Time)
  • July 12th 13:00 - 13:40 (Europe/London Time)
  • July 14th 13:00 - 13:40 (Europe/London Time)
  • July 16th 13:00 - 13:40 (Europe/London Time)
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Valentyna Kurbala

Enthusiastic, Passionate and Experienced TEFL Tutor
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About Me

I dedicate my life to teaching English because it is a great way to help people to improve themselves and thus to improve the whole world. The main aim of my work is to see the results of my students and I always do my best to help my learners to reach their goals. From my experience, I know that different learners accept information in different ways. That is why at my lessons I use various types of activities in order that all my students can benefit from the lessons.

Before starting teaching I had worked for some international companies, which gave me the opportunity to see the hiring process from the inside. I have gained a lot of knowledge that I transformed into the course. I have helped many students to get through the hiring process successfully and now my aim is to help you to pass the interview and get the job of your dream.

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