The Right Set-up to Live as a Digital Nomad!

This course will show you the steps required before embarking on a long-term trip or living as a digital nomad.

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Over this class series, students will learn how to prepare for long-term travel or even become a digital nomad/ perpetual traveller and which are the steps to take to live a life chainless and tax-free. We talk about the bureaucracy, organisation, options and all the financial considerations. Topics are explained via screen-share. Students are encouraged to have notepads or writing utensil. The screen-share slides will be passed on to the students after the class. I strive to present thoughtful topics while encouraging student feedback. I am open to all discussions and questions. I like to incorporate with my students and not only to dictate and have a monologue. Prior to this course, no experience is required. LEARNING GOALS After sessions, students will have learned which topics to consider to prepare for long-term travel and even get a quick glimpse of how to live a tax-free traveller life. Please note: If you do not see a time or date listed for a course that interests you, please message me with possible dates and times. I will do my best to offer a session that will work for your schedule.
Before you enrol on my course you may want to know the following: • Are there any questions to prepare? Not necessarily. But surely you already have some when you sign up here. • Will there be any homework? I do not assign homework. • Will my Students be required to put in any time for study outside the classroom? Perhaps you might inquire about your local bureaucracy.
I went for long-term travel by myself. During the preparation phase, I encountered many hurdles and had questions that even the internet could not answer. I would have liked to have an experienced person who supports me with my journey. And that is exactly what I would like to offer others in this course. You should benefit from my experience so that you can reach your goals more efficiently. The most important thing for me is for my students to learn while having fun. The lessons with me are always fun, and they are always diverse. I put my heart and soul into engaging you. I am also able to put myself in the other person’s shoes. I am very patient and sweet but also firm when the situation demands it.

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Learning Should be Fun and Rewarding!
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About Me

Hi, I´m Natascha. For the moment now I live somewhere in Germany.

I have had over 14 years of background in the international finance and banking industry where I successfully established new organizational working practices in several international teams, set up governance frameworks, introduced new tools, and transferred knowledge to employees to enable them to successfully meet new challenges. In 2019 I decided to reposition myself to live a life I love.

I qualified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor and have travelled the world to places I have long dreamed of visiting.

My philosophy is to keep things simple. Complex and complicated topics I explain in an easy-to-understand language. Everyone should have fun, which is essential for learning. That´s why I design my courses in a positive, upbeat environment. All my knowledge, personal experience, and for sure my passion, I share. I am a patient, fun-loving person and this is adapted into my teaching style. I always try to make things fun and interactive and ensure that there is comprehension within the learning. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams because anything is possible.

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