Poi for Beginners

This course will teach the fundamentals of poi spinning including stance, footwork and some neat tricks!

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1 class per week, for 4 weeks

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In this course I will teach the basics of poi manipulation for complete beginners. These are fun and active lessons suitable for all fitness levels - we will learn by doing, starting with the basics and working our way up!

Poi is fantastic for both physical and mental fitness and there are some awesome artistic tricks you will learn to show off your new skills! It can be a fantastic moving meditation, it can enhance your coordination and it can warm up your cognitive skills to get the brain ready for action!
I have been performing professionally for over 20 years and teaching circus throughout my career. I am the European distributor of the Youth Juggling Academy awards and run a successful circus school in Wales.

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Fiery Jack

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About Me

I have been teaching throughout my career and have spent some time specialising in breaking down complex skills and patterns for anyone to learn, whether it be balancing, learning to juggle or playing historic games! I love sharing my passions and infuse every lesson with a sense of fun, building skills up from the basics and going at your pace.

I teach all ground based circus skills like club balancing, juggling, staff spinning and poi - and... I am also a specialist in ancient historic games such as hnefetafl (Viking chess) and 9 mens morris!

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