Succeeding at competency based interviews

Discover the skills, strategies and tools to succeed at competency based interviews

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What if you could excel at competency based interviews in just 3 weeks?

Or, let me rephrase that....

What if, in 3 weeks, you could become more successful at competency based interviews using proven strategies, techniques and skills?

...That would give you a much better chance at getting the dream job you want by understanding what employers are looking for.

Because you are ambitious and it's super frustrating when you get rejected from an interview (and most times you don't even get the feedback to tell you what you've done wrong!)

If you want to learn how to excel at competency based interviews and get closer to landing your dream job then this is for you.

Here's the problem...

You know that in order to make an impression, you need to have really good answers that show you are the right candidate.

However...when you do interviews some or all of these unfortunate things happen to you:

You become nervous
Your mind goes blank
You realise that you haven't prepped the right answers
You don't get the feedback
You start dreading your next interview

Can you imagine?

Imagine having a great interview without feeling nervous or ill prepared?

What would happen?

You'd feel confident because you've prepared well
You'd have a better mindset - ready to receive feedback, take learnings and work your strategy for success
You'd make great impressions on potential employers
You'd start to enjoy interviews as a chance to talk about the great things you've achieved

Introducing, 'Succeeding at competency based interviews'

Here's how it all breaks down...

Week 1 - Session 1 - Learn the foundations of competency based interviews and the STAR method so that you can focus your time preparing the right things
Week 1 - Session 2 - Tactics to preparing, how to structure answers using STAR and do research
Week 2 - Session 1 - Developing out solid and quantifiable answers in preparation for a mock interview
Week 2 - Session 2 - Refining your answers and assessing how they meet competency criteria for higher band marks
Week 3 - Session 1 - Mock interview dry run (recorded with permission for review by student)
Week 3 - Session 2 - Mock interview feedback review and action points

Bonus #1 - Workbook designed to help you reflect and take away the key learnings
Bonus #2 - Hypnosis MP3 audio on interview nerves - train your mind to relax so you can focus on delivering a great interview.

What makes this course different?

This course combines theory, tactics, hands on practical work in combination with a mindset audio to set you up for success.

The investment:

Are you ready to succeed at competency based interviews?

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

Course agenda (free)
6 x 1 Hour Sessions (including practice mock interview - valued at £599.99)
Bonus Workbook (valued at £27.99)
Bonus Hypnosis MP3 Audio (valued at £9.99)

Total Value = £637.97
Today's Price = £99.99

This price is reduced significantly to help individuals who need support in light of Covid during this difficult time. Price will not remain at this level so get it now before it increases.
Progress is measured in my online coaching dashboard software. You'll be added to a group and encouraged to support each other. All tasks and guidance will be available upon registration.
I have worked as a Human Resources and Learning Development professional for over 15 years. I am a member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD), Learning Performance Institute (LPI) in addition to being a Steps Ahead Mentor. I am a qualified employability trainer and previously worked with jobseekers and people transitioning careers. I maintained an over 85% satisfaction rating with my workshops.

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Edmund Ellison

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About Me

Edmund is the founder & Chief Impact Officer @ Impactful Today Ltd. He is an experienced coach, TAP & CIPD certified trainer, mentor, and people manager. His background is in digital sales, customer service, management, and employability.

He's worked for a range of well-known brands including Sainsbury's, O2, Vodafone, Samsung so he has a wealth of experience to offer students who want to know what matters to both local and global employers.

Having worked as a Teacher in his very early career and then moving into corporate training he understands that people are different and learn in a variety of ways.

He's patient, experienced at working with different levels, and invested in your success. The style of teaching is interactive, energetic and lots of participation is encouraged.

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