FREE: Taste the Scuba Dive

A short interactive taster class to talk about the basics of scuba diving.

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The goal of this one off class is to provide you with a rough understanding what is scuba diving about. More than that I want to give you a short impression of who I am, my teaching style and provide you with the opportunity to meet me and ask questions.
I qualified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor and have travelled the world to places I have long dreamed of visiting.

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Learning should be Fun, Engaging and Rewarding
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About Me

Hi, my name is Natascha. For the moment now I live somewhere in Germany.

I was long-term traveling and during that time I qualified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor, and I made my addiction to my profession.

Before that, I worked for over 14 years in the finance and banking sector. I have a Master in Business Management, and I held a Risk Manager position for a big international bank

Even those two positions, Dive Instructor and Risk Manager are so different, they gave me the chance to combine very essential skills, like excellent interpersonal, intercultural, and strong communication skills. Furthermore, I need to be engaging, well-organized, and problem-solving in each of these positions, and I am a person taking the initiative, with patience, and I have great adaptability and leadership personality, which helps me with challenges I am facing.

I think life is too short for complicated things and doing them maybe sometimes. That´s why my main philosophy is to keep things simple. Complex and complicated topics I explain in an easy-to-understand language. Everyone should have fun, which is essential for learning, and it should be relevant for my students. That´s why I design my courses in a positive, upbeat environment. All my knowledge, personal experience, and for sure my passion, I share. I am a patient, fun-loving person and this is adapted into my teaching style. I always try to make things fun and interactive and ensure that there is comprehension within the learning. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams because anything is possible.

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