The Basics of Diving

A short introduction to diving, passing on the knowledge of basic skills and techniques before you attempt that first dive.

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This course focuses on getting the first impression on diving knowledge development to understand the basic principles of scuba diving. I create a splish splash experience for your introduction course on the dry deck. This course aims to give you a first impression of the diving and underwater world. LEARNING GOALS After the session, students will have learned basic knowledge about diving. Please note that this course is not a certified diving course. I can also provide a course, where you, in the end, receive a certification. Please contact me if you are interested. Topics are explained via screen-share and interactive. The screen-share slides will be passed on to the students after the class. I strive to present thoughtful topics while encouraging student feedback. I am open to all discussions and questions. I like to incorporate with my students and not only to dictate and have a monologue. Prior to this course, no experience is required. Please note: If you do not see a time or date listed for a course that interests you, please message me with possible dates and times. I will do my best to offer a session that will work for your schedule.
Before you enrol in my course you may want to know the following: Are there any questions to prepare? Not necessarily. But surely you already have some when you sign up here. Will there be any homework? I do not assign homework. Will my Students be required to put in any time for study outside the classroom? No, just be curious during classroom time.
I am an Open Water Scuba Instructor in active teaching status. The first time I came into contact with the experiences of the underwater world was in 2008. Since then, scuba diving has not let me go. Finally, I made my Scuba Diving Instructor license in 2019 and since then I have taught loads of people how to dive or trained and qualified them for the next certification level. Currently, I am also doing a marine biology degree, which is an excellent addition to my knowledge.

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Learning Should be Fun and Rewarding!
15 teacher reviews total

About Me

Hi, my name is Natascha. For the moment now I live somewhere in Germany.

I was travelling for a long time and during that time I became a Dive Instructor and I made my addiction to my profession and pass on my passion to diver newbies and show the incredible underwater world. I find it extremely rewarding when I share my knowledge with others and see people grow.

Besides this, I am also a certified Emergency First Response Instructor. I first encountered this subject area in my early youth as part of my work in the youth fire brigade and later also in the voluntary fire brigade. The topic of first aid influences me so much that I was always a first aider at my workplace.

Before I was travelling & diving, I worked for over 14 years in the finance sector. I have a Master in Business Management, and I was a Risk Manager for a big international bank, responsible for three different countries. I worked on international projects, set up governance frameworks and risk models for the company, introduced new tools and transferred knowledge and gave best practice advice in a collaborative way to employees and made them fit for new challenges the bank was facing.

Even those two positions, Dive Instructor and Risk Manager are so different, they gave me the chance to combine very essential skills, like excellent interpersonal, intercultural, and strong communication skills. Furthermore, I need to be engaging, well-organized and problem-solving in each of these positions, and I am a person taking the initiative, with patience, and I have great adaptability and leadership personality, which helps me with challenges I am facing.

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