Start Your Own Business

How to produce: Budget Forecast and Financial Modelling, Marketing Strategy, Company Formation and Business Plan amongst other subjects

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1 class per week, for 8 weeks

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Welcome to the 'Start Your Own Business' course where you will learn the essential tools needed of creating a successful business. The modules are as follows;
Week 1: Evaluating the business - does your idea make good business sense? We will learn a range of business analyst models such as Boston Matrix, PEST and others to get under the skin of your concept.

Week 2: Forms of Organisation - what are the various legal status of business and which one is best for you.

Week 3: Finance, Book-Keeping and Taxation - Everything you need to know about the numbers business including creating budgets, and cash flow forecasts.

Week 4: Marketing - How to develop a marketing strategy using the 4 P's of marketing and how to apply them in a social media age. You will also understand market segmentation, demographics and its relation to product placement.

Week 5: Managing People - A guide as how to employ and/or manage people whether as contract, consultant or staff member as your business grows and what are the legal requirements.

Week 6: Risk and Quality Management - How to ensure your product lives up to any regulatory requirements. You will be able to produce a risk and quality management plan.

Week 7: How to write your business plan - A look at the sections you will need to make sure you have a plan specific to your business detailing your vision and how to get there over a specified period of time.

Week 8: Analysing the Business Plan - Critical Friend analysis of your plan. This is where someone else will look at your finished plan and offer recommendations.

This course will be taught at medium pace and it is expected you will go away and do more homework between classes to make sure you are getting the full worth of this learning.

Each class will consist of;
- Lecture inc PowerPoint
- Handouts (Electronic)
- Exercise
- Discussion
- Class Q&A
The last session will also include peer2peer feedback.

By the end of this course you will feel confident in your ability to bring your product to market, your dream to life, and ensure your business idea has sustainability over the coming months and years.
I am a qualified trainer, teacher, project manager and life coach. I hold a Masters in Business Administration. I have extensive experience in training and teaching across the UK, Europe, Africa, and the USA. I ran my own business and set up my own charity.

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Paul Bruce

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I've worked in the public and private sector in the capacity of a trainer, lecturer and project manager. My style is simple, engaging and informative. I consider teaching a gift that needs to be passed on as often as possible. In my class, you will learn the essential tools you need to win at business. All of my learning and experience will be poured into the 'Start Your Own Business' course. From registering your entity to creating a budget, producing a marketing strategy. By the end of the course you will have your own business plan ready for investment, funding, or just to keep you on track to meet your targets. If you're considering starting a business attendance at this course is a must. I like students to feel relaxed enough to ask any question without the thought of ridicule. It is my passion to see people overcome any challenges they may be having and succeed in their chosen career path.

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