Online Teaching For Beginners

In this course we will discuss online teaching jobs, online teaching skills, and types of online teaching platforms.

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Online teaching has exploded in popularity in the past year alone. With so many people looking to gain new skills online, online teaching could be a viable career choice for you. In this class, we will discuss things to consider when applying for a teaching job online. We will examine the following topics: I. Is online teaching right for you? II. What skills you need to have for the online teaching environment. III. How online teaching is different from traditional teaching. IV. Different online teaching platforms. V. Where to look for online teaching job opportunities. VI. What to include in a resume or CV. I am an energetic teacher who loves the interaction with my students during class. My classes are often a combination of slides, short videos, discussion, and interactive activities. I specialize in addressing different learning styles in my teaching and all my classes are designed to be inclusive. By the end of this class, you will feel more confident in pursuing and attaining an online teaching position in the field of your choice. The class will begin with a short welcome and introduction. We will then move directly into the instructional portion of the material. My goal is to give you real and actionable information you can use to get an online teaching position in the area of your choice and there will be much to cover. We will close the class with a period for questions and answers. No prior knowledge is required for this course.
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Hello! I have been an online teacher for the past four years and have worked on a variety of platforms. I have successfully taught children, teens, and adults virtually in a wide variety of subjects. During this time, I have learned so much from my students that I have incorporated into my teaching to create an enjoyable learning environment. I am passionate about teaching digitally and its power to reach so many people. Currently, I teach online ESL classes for children, Reading classes, and small animal care on two different platforms where I consistently receive top ratings from students and their parents. I am also a certified teacher with over fourteen years in a traditional school where I loved to incorporate technology into my classroom teaching. I am passionate about online teaching for its ability to reach millions of students all around the world.

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Evonne Hall

Digital Education Through Teaching
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Hello! My name is Evonne Hall and I have been a traditional teacher for over twenty-five years. For the past five years, I have been teaching students of all ages online. Teaching is my true passion and the online teaching field has allowed me to teach what I love and help students all over the world! I have taught students from preschool up to adults with a wide variety of subjects. By working with so many different individuals, I have learned much about the tools, strategies, and methods for planning and teaching lessons that students love and learn from. Online teaching has allowed me to meet the needs of students in new and exciting ways while improving my financial situation.

I am excited about the opportunities that online education provides and love to share about teaching digitally. Virtual education is a rapidly growing career field that is only going to grow. My classes on Learned.Live are geared towards the beginner in the field. They are designed to provide the tools, knowledge, and resources to help students build their online teaching foundation. My teaching style is highly interactive and geared toward student engagement. There will be active discussion and peer collaboration if the student is willing. I design all classes for maximum student involvement and learning styles.

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