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This course will help you to get more students and work smarter, not harder in your online teaching practice.

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A compelling and complete course that includes 3 live lessons AND a video series about HOW to systematize your online teaching service and how to attract & retain more students. The videos will include the learning materials and we will make sure you implement all of those in practice in the highly interactive live lessons. This student recruitment course is for everyone who wants to build or expand their online teaching practice and make it a lifestyle choice that creates a consistent & comfortable income from anywhere around the world. The course materials are divided into 3 pillars followed by 3 live lessons: Pillar 1 This pillar will provide a solid baseline for your student attraction strategy by focusing on where your passion meets your expertise and on the people that truly need what you have to offer. The unique niching exercise you have never seen before will create clarity around how to find your sweet spot when fine-tuning what you offer to your students. Pillar 2 The Successful Student Pathway is the core content of this Pillar and frankly, of the whole course. Planning and refining the journey you are taking your students on will ensure the transformation they seek and the progress they happily pay for. Pillar 3 Once you have your Successful Student Pathway built out, it is time to fill in the framework with the formula that helps you systematize everything you do. The Learned.Live platform takes care of all of the systems for us when it comes to marketing, onboarding, lesson delivery background, and payment integrations. It can be complemented by your content strategy and retention strategy to complete the successful educational service puzzle. If you struggle with pricing your lessons or courses right, the additional bonus recording will solve that problem. All pillars come with active assignments and downloadable cheat sheets to help you implement everything fast. No previous teacher training or teaching experience is needed. This course works with every subject matter, skill set, know-how, artform, or craft taught online.
I have a BA and an MA degree in Educational Science. Working for one of the largest and most prestigious educational groups, I have trained over 1000 experts from all walks of life to become excellent online and offline educators. I worked with dozens of small learning studios helping them with student recruitment and student attraction strategies in 17 countries around the world.

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Zsuzsanna Smith

Online Teacher Trainer, Course Clarity Consultant and Coffee Enthusiast
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About Me

Hello, my name is Zsuzsanna (Susannah with a Hungarian swirl). I'm a Teacher Trainer and Course Clarity Consultant with a focus on Online Educational Experience Design.

Through my step-by-step courses and progress-oriented sessions, I am here to enable you to become an amazing online educator, build a stunning curriculum and create your high-converting course from scratch while making it all feel like playing with Lego together.

After 20 years, 17 countries, 2000+ students, 32 courses, and 956000 cups of coffee, I can confidently say that EVERYONE has a zone of genius and it's our job to decide what we want to do with ours in this new digital economy.

Perhaps we all want to finally do what we love and maybe some of us ALSO want a consistent flow of money coming into our bank account, and maybe we just want more freedom and spend more time with people we love.

And yes, I can help you with that. Whether you want to polish your online teaching skills, get more efficient at finding the right kind of students, or finally create that awesome online course, I am your gal!

When I'm not consulting or building courses, I can be found collecting broken seashells on the beach or geeking out on novel online tools while inventing new coffee flavors on the fly.

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