What about the Teacher?

This six week course gives you the secrets to improve your practice and gives you a healthy work/life balance

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Do you know how you dreamed of being an inspirational teacher for your students? How you would be able to spend time with them - develop them to their full potential? To watch them grow and achieve goals they would have never dreamed of setting till they had YOU as their teacher? To feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment yourself and to be recognised for your inspiring work as a teacher? So you became a teacher to impart your knowledge to help others develop. But then, once you had been in the industry for around 2-3 years, it all started changing. As a result of which workloads got larger. Time seemed to vanish. Management seemed to be demanding more and more of you. Results seem harder to achieve with increasing funding cuts to your area and student (and parent) animosity building towards you. There is no longer time to plan effectively and observations are always happening in one form or another (we all love a learning walk!). You no longer enjoy teaching and now it has just become a chore that your life revolves around. Family and friends don’t see you. You’re exhausted all the time. You don’t get to indulge in hobbies and interests. And to add insult to injury, when you do finally get some time to yourself, you become ill. What I do is help to rekindle that passion and work towards making that initial dream come true. Sounds impossible? Let’s see! I don’t know you nor do I work in your institution, so there are no preconceived ideas nor do I have to report back to anyone. I work alongside you to develop techniques to save you time, paperwork duplication, give you practical and realistic tips and ideas for all aspects of teaching, especially stress-free preparation and delivery whilst achieving maximum results. You’ll surely impress!
There is nothing to prepare. We will meet for 2 hours as a group and then you will have a 30min one to one session with me. You will need to be in the classroom in order to experiment with the techniques discussed in the sessions. You will be given a welcome pack containing all the details you need for the course, including actins plans
Natalie Persaud has been in the education sector since 2004. Natalie has taught levels ranging from pre-entry to GCSEs, A-Levels, and HNC in a range of subjects including ESOL, English, Psychology, and Performing Arts, befor being promoted to improve Learning & Teaching in the institution she worked at. Natalie has her Masters in Education, specialising in Leadership and Management, and was invited by Ofsted to attend the initial stages of training to become an Ofsted inspector - one of a minority of people not in an SLT role at the time!! Natalie has improved the practice of countless educators and also works with high-profile clients such as Press Association Training.

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Natalie Persaud

'Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation causes your worst fear to come true'
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Natalie Persaud has been in the academic and vocational education sector since 2004. She continues to work in Teaching and Quality improvement looking at practice and mental well-being. Natalie devises, manages, and implements various coaching models, CPD, organises and trains teaching and learning advocates, and helps to revise the institutions’ observation structures and other quality processes. She has been instrumental in driving standards up for a number of institutions. Due to her success, she was invited by Ofsted to participate in the initial training to become an Inspector - one of a very small minority who was not in a senior leadership role at the time to do so! Natalie has worked with hundreds of teachers and support staff to improve their practice and even secure promotions! Natalie has a wealth of experience teaching a variety of levels, from Pre-entry all the way through to HNC's, as well as a number of academic and vocational subjects including Psychology, English, and Performing Arts. As well as this, Natalie is also the Principal of a specialist private performing arts academy.

With a Masters in Education (Specialising in Leadership and Management) along with nearly 20 years in the education sector, Natalie delivers her interactive workshops objectively. Natalie does not have preconceived ideas and notions of you, your job, environment, and institution's policies and is NOT institutionalised.

There are three workshops to choose from:
- The Healthy Educator
- What about the Teacher?
- Public Speaking

Feel free to take a look at Natalie's website for more information: https://nataliepersaud8.wixsite.com/succedoqe

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