Time Management and Delegation

This class will help you to get more done during your working day

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Do you ever struggle to get as much done during your working day as you would like to? Do you ever give tasks to your team to do only to find that what you get back is not what you expected? Do you ever find yourself thinking that it would be quicker and easier to do it yourself?
If so, investing an hour in attending this workshop would be a good use of your time. Using tried and tested theories and models to help you manage your time more effectively and to decide what to delegate to whom and how to do that to increase the chances of success.
I have been training in soft skills for over 30 years and personally find the techniques we will be looking at in this workshop invaluable.

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Paul Mason

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About Me

My name is Paul and I am a business-related skills trainer from the UK. I am a Master Practitioner of NLP and have been working in corporate training for over 30 years now. During that time, I have been lucky enough to work with people from all over the world both at home and abroad, adapting to the cultural needs and different approaches to learning. I have worked with companies in a variety of industries including aviation, rail and bus transportation, contact centres, Human Resources and retail.
One of my recent projects involved ensuring that the right number of staff were available, trained and competent to operate the stations of the brand-new Doha Metro system. I was working with staff from all over Africa, South and South East Asia in a company that was owned largely by the French, so I learned a lot about language and culture during that time.
One of the consequences of all the changes that have happened in the world over the last year is that many businesses have reduced the amount of personal development and skills training that they offer to their staff, as they seek to reduce their costs. At the same time, the need for employees to grow within their roles or to improve their skills for new roles has grown hugely. The online training sessions that I run are an easy and affordable way for people to continue their self-development journey.
So, whether you are a Team Leader, Supervisor, Manager or Leader looking to get the most from your team, someone looking to improve their skills in order to improve in your current job or help set yourself up for a new job, or a front-line employee looking to deliver a great experience for your customers, I have a variety of training sessions that will help you. If you are looking for something specific that is not on my list of subjects, please do contact me and I will be happy to try and assist you.
I really do believe that learning should be fun. That means that any training session with me will be interesting, engaging and will use a variety of techniques. For example, I might present some information, you might complete a questionnaire, we might have a discussion and you might have the opportunity to practise your skills in a case study. Most importantly, at the end of every training session, I want you to be able ‘to do something’ and not just ‘know about something’.

I look forward to working with you.