Your first job? 12 x 1 hr modules (how to fit and impress)!

Key to success in gaining a job and performing well is the ability to quickly blend into a team, be confident and deliver! These 12 modules which include an end of course 'Workplace Skills Certification' will ensure you do just that!

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This modular course of 12 units has been specifically designed to support those about to leave education, individuals who are searching for work or starting their first job roles, it is also suitable for those who have started a new job and are finding it hard to fit in. It gives the students key workplace skills that are not taught in education but are a key requirement of management.

Unfortunately business leaders and their senior people do not have the time they used to have in developing young people to fit into the organisation. Of course managers have to develop the specific skills of new starters to perform in their roles, but it is the other key elements of team-working, fitting culturally, influencing others, communication, conflict management, etc, the crucial 'soft skills' that most education leavers lack.

In a recent survey of 1,000 organisations with the questions focused around first-time employees, one of the questions leaders and managers were asked was; 'what are the key skills you need from a new young starter?' the overwhelming top answer was 'soft/interpersonal skills'.

The qualification and skills they have achieved in education and in their exams is a given, that's the 'task's' they will perform i.e. the easier bit to develop people in. The teaching of interpersonal and other soft skills are not normally part of a managers remit.

These 12 modules will ensure they have the basic skill sets required to firstly gain a role by demonstrating the skills at an interview and then to fit quickly into any organisation and impress!

No previous knowledge is required for any of the modules, the training is primarily lecture, but with the option of asking questions utilising the ZOOM tools. For 3 of the modules; C.V. writing, Interview skills and presentation skills, individual (one-to-one) classes will be available to design a personal C.V. or presentation, or to prepare for a specific job interview. Details of these will be given at the end of each of those modules.

We will use minimum PowerPoint slides (max 4 for each module) to highlight key bullet points, we will also use the ZOOM whiteboard facility to demonstrate other critical learning areas.

They 12 modules comprise of:

1. C.V. development
During this module you will learn how to write an effective CV on one page, targeting it at the role (yes, CV's need to be flexible!). You will understand the 5 critical parts of a C.V. and how to ensure yours is at least read and not cast onto the 'not suitable' pile! Finally, ensuring your C.V. reflects the culture and working practices of the business you are applying to.

2. Interview skills
Preparing for an interview is critical to your success! this module will give you the 10 best preparation tools. It will show you how to behave at the interview, how to manage your body language, how to ask effective and meaningful questions, and the all-important listening, and demonstrating interest in the role and the interviewers!

3. Understanding and fitting into a culture
A strong cultural 'fit' is critical for you and the organisation you will be working in. No two organisations are the same in terms of their culture! This module will enable you to firstly understand what culture is, whether it fits in with you and your beliefs (if not, you won't be happy!), and how to adapt your working style to bond with the culture.

4. Understanding your own personality and your potential strengths
This module will look at the 4 different personality types, it will give you an understanding of your preferred behaviours and what your comfort zones tend to be, but as important, those of your new teammates. We are all different, recognising this and adapting accordingly is critical to workplace success. By the end of this module you will have a better understanding of why you do what you do and why you behave in a particular way. Finally, how to step out of your comfort zone and why that it is critical for your growth and future success.

5. Effective team working
Fitting into a team quickly is critical for you, your teammates and your organisation. Team 'fit' ensures the correct outputs! This module will take you through the 4 stages of team development, the recognising of strengths in others, how to use those strengths wisely, and finally, how to demonstrate why you are a valuable member of the team. This ensures a cohesive and highly functioning group of people.

6. Creativity and problem solving
Problems are something we have not come across before, we therefore do not have an answer/solution for them, which can cause frustration in some people more than in others. This module looks at why some people tend to be more creative than others, how anybody can become more creative, and gives an easy '6 step' process to finding a workable solution to any problem.

7. Influencing others where you have no authority
In the workplace you have to get things done, right? which is a lot easier if you have authority over the person or persons that you need to get those things done with! However, the reality is that you probably need to achieve outcomes through others who you have no authority over, this becomes a little more tricky!

This module will take you through the 8 steps of influencing others where you have not authority, this includes planning and preparing to make your verbal request, how to manage the possible 'NO' professionally and move past it, how to show empathy and understanding, how to search for options/solutions, offer support and come to an amicable agreement wherever possible. Like all the modules in this programme, influencing is a key life skill!

8. Workplace communication skills
We have all become used to utilising emails, texts, and other forms of non- face-to-face communication, however, in the workplace (unless you work from home), you have to communicate verbally! This requires a different set of skills. This module builds on the interview skills and influencing skills and focuses on how communication is broken down, lateral questioning skills, using the 7 key opening words to ensure a 'valuable' answer, how to effectively listen to those answers and build follow up questions. This gives you a key skill, ensuring there is no ambiguity, which can lead to mistakes being made at work, or misunderstandings that can lead to conflict.

9. Managing conflict with others
Conflict happens frequently in the workplace, it is a fact of life! During this module we look at how to firstly avoid conflict in the first place and the skills required to achieve this (builds on the influencing, personality and communicating modules). We then move onto how to manage conflict from others, whilst managing your own emotions. There is always a solution to conflict, this module takes you through the stages of de-escalation, how to show empathy (as opposed to sympathy), managing your body language and tone and voice to ensure a professional resolution can be found.

10. Supporting your manager
One of the best ways to progress in the workplace is to show support not just to your teammates but to your manager. This module explains the challenges that managers face daily, and why you need to support them to lessen their burden wherever possible. It shows how managers have to adopt different management styles (including how they will manage you).

It highlights how to recognise when your manager needs extra support in times of stress and how to demonstrate/offer it without alienating yourself from the rest of the team.

11. Basic presentation skills
Even new starters have to occasional do a presentation, this may be to one person or a group of people. This module takes you through the 3 key stages of any presentation, how to handle your nerves, delivery skills, how to design a presentation for a specific audience (what are they looking for?) and finally how to handle difficult questions.

12. Time management and personal organisation skills
Time management and organising yourself is a crucial part of your success. Workplace demands and deadlines are greater now than they have ever been and unless you can effectively manage your day, you can be subject to stress and potential failure. This module gives you a simple explanation of how to prioritise effectively, how precious time is by demonstrating the 'real' amount of time you have to complete tasks. The module gives you some tried and tested tips and tools to ensure you manage your own time, and politely and effectively manage others that will try to take your time.
At the end of this course, students will receive a certificate from Leading National Training highlighting the modules they have successfully attended. This can be attached to your C.V.s when applying for a position, highlighting to potential employers that you have the 'key' skills required by the people that will manage you. It can also be used to support you potential advancement in your existing role/company.
Philip has had the benefit of working within the corporate arena and for the education sectors, in the UK and across Eastern and Western Europe, this includes running successful talent development programmes for young graduates. Philip also has existing businesses both in India and across Russian speaking countries, he therefore has a 'real-time' understanding of firstly, what managers require of new starters straight from education, and an in-depth understanding of the challenge's students face when entering the workplace for the first time.

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Philip Peters

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About Me

I currently run a freelance global business consultancy and people development practice, this after a successful career in the corporate arena whilst operating across many business sectors as a main board director in sales, operations and project management. I currently run two successful online platforms, one which is in India and the other across all Russian speaking countries.

My fields of expertise and those which will be my focus on the Learned Live platform, fall into three development areas, firstly, working with 18 to 24 year olds who are about to leave education and take on their new roles, as this is a specific requirement which managers in 2020 are highlighting as key. This will include such skills as team-working, working with managers, conflict in the workplace, presentation skills and innovation, to name a few.

Secondly, I will be working with existing managers and teams in developing leadership, influencing skills, cross-functional team working, sales and negotiation skills and coaching.

Finally, strategic planning in three areas; for start-ups who have great ideas but are not sure how to implement them, for SME’s who have grown to a certain size and now need fresh direction, and finally, existing corporates who are dealing with challenging times and need to adjust their strategy, culture and ways of thinking.

My style of teaching has been described as fast paced but easy to follow, dynamic, using real life scenarios and memorable (the critical bit). I look forward to working with the clients on the Learned.Live platform and sharing my knowledge and expertise.