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Qualifications & Experience

I currently coach students online, particularly the Middle East and the US. In addition (as a local parent of two children at Brighton College UK), I also tutor private students for A-Level, GCSE and the 13+ Common Entrance exams. Upon request, I have begun to offer a range of tutorials which are tailor-made to meet the student’s needs. This has ranged from preparing for external exams as well as guidance with UCAS personal statements. I am particularly adept at planning, monitoring and assessing, ensuring that feedback is delivered to students in a formative and timely manner. My tutorials vary from face to face to online. I have found that this flexibility caters well for students who have a heavy workload during exam times as well as international students during holiday periods.

I am a fully qualified English coach with extensive teaching experience. I have excellent knowledge of the English National Curriculum and have expertise in the planning and delivery of an English programme at Post 16. Throughout my teaching career, I have enjoyed gaining firsthand knowledge of post 16 education, as an English teacher delivering tailored lessons to meet the requirements of my students, and as a sixth form tutor supporting students through the UCAS and The Common Application entry process. In particular, I have been privileged to have been invited to write references that have led to interviews at Yale and Columbia University, as well university offers from top Russell Group Universities in the UK.
My degree in Communication, English and Media, together with my PGCE from King's College, have given me the flexibility and the breadth of subject knowledge to plan and teach English Language, Literature, Drama and Media Studies, enabling me to gain direct experience across the Key Stages to examination standard.

It is vital to be adaptable as an educator, thus I am always keen to develop and utilise a variety of innovative and imaginative teaching and learning strategies, which has led to exceptional high achievements for the students I teach. I believe, that by tailoring my teaching to meet the needs of all my students, they were able to fulfil and even exceed their potential.
In the past, I have I enjoyed working within inspiring English departments both here and overseas and have delighted in collaborating in English team meetings on finding ways to engage students into classic texts, rendering them fresh and inspiring and relevant for today’s young people.
I have been passionate to explore avenues that invite students to become critical thinkers so that they can make connections in their learning. This, I have found, not only challenges students to make cross-cultural links across time spans but also allows them to see the value in learning, which is essential in nurturing an ability to solve problems creatively.

I believe strongly that young people should be encouraged to partake in a range of enriching experiences, exploring their interests and building their strengths. It is a privilege to be an educator and facilitate learning, thus witnessing the development of the whole person. Throughout my teaching life, I have always been keen to engage in enriching students' school experience, running book clubs, creative writing classes, as well as leading whole school drama productions. Taking an active role in school life engenders a sense of belonging and fulfilment.

I am an enthusiastic, passionate and motivated coach and mentor, who is committed to creating an energetic learning environment. I believe that every person has an entitlement to an invigorating and inquiry-based learning experience which creates ambitious, thoughtful and compassionate global citizens. I have excellent interpersonal skills endorsed through my working relationships with teaching professionals as well as with parents and carers.

I am also part of an exciting writing community in Brighton and when I am not coaching, I am working on my short stories project which is my real labour of love. I love teaching groups of young people the art of creative writing and I run small group sessions on the weekend.


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