Bindu Verma

Teach Your Child to Think, Question, Read and Write for Life Skills and Exams

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My Teacher Intro

I am a passionate educator who is curious about the ways that students learn. No child is the same and I believe it is up to us as teachers and parents to take a mindful and questioning approach in order to elicit meaningful answers from our children and students. Teaching students how to think, question, and engage in their learning is a lifelong skill. What are the perfect conditions for learning? How can students connect their learning to the society they live in? During the last 20 years, I have forged relationships with like-minded educators asking these very questions! Teaching our children to think critically is paramount if they are to extend their responses in exams. As an experienced English teacher, teaching in the UK and overseas, I have analyzed, scrutinised and synthesised the assessment objectives in English and now I can tell you what the teacher doesn't have time to tell you! In other words, teach your children how to question and think so they see the value and meaning in their learning, you will give them a gift for life.

Qualifications & Experience

I am a fully qualified academic coach with extensive teaching experience in English Language and Literature as well as English for Academic Purposes. I have expertise in teaching English across the boards (AQA, EDXCEL, OCR, ISEB) As an examiner for AQA and IB, I have in-house subject knowledge of the assessment benchmarks that students need to demonstrate in exams. My degree in Communication, English, and Media, together with my PGCE (English) from King's College, London, has given me the flexibility and the breadth of subject knowledge in English Language and Literature up to adult learner level.

As a passionate English teacher, with over 20 years of experience teaching in both the state and independent sector in the UK and overseas, I have found tools, over the years, to engage the most reluctant readers and writers, accessing dull classic texts and rendering them fresh, inspiring and providing a relevant currency in today's world.

I am now keen to invite parents to guide their children to become critical thinkers, guiding them to make connections in their learning and encourage them to become mindful of their reading and writing experiences. Parents, with the right set of tools, can influence their child to make cross-cultural links across time spans helping their child to see the real value in their learning, which is so essential when nurturing an ability to solve problems creatively, a key skill, without a doubt, relevant for the 21st-century learner.

I truly believe that parents can have an active learning conversation with their child where they develop the ability to ask questions in their child's reading and writing experience, encouraging their child to ask critical thinking questions of the self in connection to the world around them so that their child feels nurtured, challenged and ambitious as well as becoming brilliant at passing tests. If parents can encourage their children to ask beautiful questions about the world that we are living in, I believe, we are truly giving them a gift for life.

I am also part of an exciting writing community in Brighton and when I am not coaching, I am working on my short stories project which is my real labour of love. I love teaching groups of young people the art of creative writing and I run small group sessions on the weekend.


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