Dan Betts

Published Author and Professional Content Creator

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Joined October 2020

My Teacher Intro

It is my passion for words that has allowed me to create a writing career. The English language is so diverse that there are always better ways to convey your message. I have become a published author and I create diverse content daily. If you want to write something and you want your message heard - take my course!

Qualifications & Experience

I have been a Global Content Editor for four years. I have written digital content for audiences for seven years. I am a published author and have written for national publications and websites.

I've been writing in various forms. They were humble beginnings; a self-started blog that generated an audience. Then I began to freelance, which led me to create my own site. This gave me the platform to gain full-time employment as a Global Content Editor, where I create a wide range of content with one common thread - conveying a message.

I have experience writing all forms of content; creative, digital, news, commerce - pretty much anything that involves the written word. I have work published and I write constantly - both at work and at home.

There are countless ways of saying something - I believe there is always a better way.


Writing For a Digital Audience

This course will teach content creation for your own website and tricks how to widen your audience reach.