Florence O

Specialising in Emotional Wellbeing, Personal Growth and Human Potential

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Joined November 2020

My Teacher Intro

I love learning and think that education has the power to transform lives, this is why I am so passionate about psychology and how to apply it to our lives. I'm currently doing a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology which offers powerful techniques on how to use coaching and the Psychology of creating your optimal life to transform HOW we live.

I aim to offer a range of applied psychology courses with a focus on helping you grow more fully and move closer towards your potential. My current flagship course is around the psychology of setting and actually achieving your goals, this is based on both experiential learning and psychology. I also have more therapeutic courses around managing stress, anxiety and depression.

As I am a qualified teacher, I can also offer introductory psychology classes which are more academic in nature depending on need and demand.

I believe that my classes are designed to help you think outside of the box, deepen your self-awareness and learn practical skills, my desire is that through applying this knowledge and principles you will be able to start creating change in your life in a more empowered way.

Qualifications & Experience

2004 BSc Hons Psychology
2005 PGCE
2013 Certificate in Integrative Counselling
2017 -2018 Mental Health Practioner - NHS
2019 - NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy Qualification
2021 - MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology


Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Designed to help you learn the psychology behind setting and achieving the goals that are important and meaningful to you.

Useing CBT & NLP to get Unstuck (Mini course)

This is a stand-alone introduction on how to apply basic principles of CBT and NLP to break unwanted habits.

Empower Yourself: DIY CBT for Stress

This course will introduce you CBT strategies for stress management that you can self-implement