Gary Wood

Master Your Apple Software

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Joined November 2020

My Teacher Intro

I help people to master their Apple software, so they can spend more time being creative and productive rather than fighting with the device and Apps.

I am a fully qualified teacher who loves to teach and help people with their Apple devices such as the Mac, iPad and iPhone. I am obsessed with Apple's products and have been using and teaching them for 20 years. I also love keeping up to date with new features and can't wait to share my knowledge with my students.

I am an Apple Certified Pro with 4 years of experience working for Apple as an in-store trainer and have taught a diverse range of people, from complete beginners who have never used a computer before to advanced film editors, business owners and music producers.

The subjects I want to teach are:
Getting started with iPhone, iPad or Mac.
Creating content on the iPhone to help with online teaching.
Music Creation using Garageband and Logic Pro X
Video editing using iMovie and Final Cut Pro X
Photo Editing and Organisation using the Photo's App
The Mac Operating System
Word Processing using Pages
Creating Spreadsheets using Numbers
Creating Presentations using Keynote
Collaborating and sharing with Google Apps.

I am an enthusiastic, fun, engaging teacher who stretches all of his students to their fullest potential with a strong ability to engage with people of all technical levels and abilities.

Let me help you develop confidence in using technology so you can become independent Apple technology users.

Qualifications & Experience

Relevant Experience

I am a fully qualified teacher with a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education from the University of Portsmouth.

I have 7+ years of experience teaching music production and IT at levels 1-5 at Havant and South Downs College Waterlooville.
Responsible for delivering lessons to groups of students and using advanced teaching techniques to inspire and motivate them for higher-level qualifications and then employment.
Subjects include Music Technology, Computer Music Composition, Music for Film, TV and Computer Games, Synthesis, Sound Design, Sampling and Remixing.

4 years experience working as a trainer at Apple.
Apple Certified Pro Logic Pro X, Apple Certified Pro Final Cut Pro X, Apple Certified Pro iWork.
Taught a wide range of IT sessions including:
• Taught a wide range of IT sessions including music production, video editing, photo editing, motion graphics, Mac operating system, word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.
• Quickly adapted my teaching based on frequent updates to Apple systems and software.
• Designed and delivered bespoke training programmes for Apple staff and customers.
• Provided technical support and guidance tailored to customers needs.
• Managed relationships with educational customers and the Apple business team.

I am a highly qualified music producer with a 2.1 BA Honours in Creative Music Production. I have several of my own commercial music releases and my own record label.

As you can see I am extremely knowledgeable about my topics and can build rapport quickly and easily with my students.


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